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When The Originals Season 3 Episode 3 begins, Klaus and his siblings are members of the Court of Marseilles in 1002 A.D. Lucien confessed his love for Aurora to Klaus and asked for the hybrid's help in persuading Aurora to leave with him. Aurora had already fallen in love with Klaus. Lucien discovered the two of them together and Tristan discovered Lucien. 

Klaus believes Lucien is both friend and foe and satisfies two segments of the prophecy. Elijah wants answers from him before they take him out. Detective Kinney meets with Lucien while Cami and Vincent look over crime scene photos to form a profile.

Hayley and Jackson try to settle into life with Hope but the noises of their apartment stress Hayley out. Jackson decides to take her out for a day to help clear her head. 

Marcel and his vampires get a visit from a woman named Aya who has come with instructions to make him an offer. Klaus and Elijah show up at Lucien's apartment and find his seer instead. 

Kinney interrogates Lucien while Cami and Vincent watch. Lucien compels Kinney to send Cami in alone for a chat. Vincent goes with her. He suggests that someone else has come to town in an attempt to disparage his name and keep him from being able to protect Klaus.

Jackson takes Hayley to Marcel's fight club for a sparring match to work out her frustrations. Marcel continues sparring with Aya but is taken down by a magical cut across the face.

Klaus and Elijah feed on Lucien's seer and have visions of Lucien with Cami and Marcel alone. Elijah goes in search of Marcel and Klaus goes to rescue his therapist.

Jackson and Hayley's sparring session turns sensual. Elijah walks into Marcel's loft to find it in disarray. Josh wakes up and tells him about the woman who attacked them. Elijah, as it turns out, is her sire.

Cami continues her talk with Lucien and learns how he became a vampire. Klaus shows up and asks Cami and Vincent to clear the room. Elijah finds Marcel and Aya. When he nearly rips Aya's heart out, Tristan steps into the room to stop him. 

The Strix have come to town and want to see Klaus dethroned as king of New Orleans. Tristan warns Elijah of a war between the sire lines and advises him to keep Lucien alive until they find the weapon which can kill the originals.

Klaus meets Cami in the streets and tells her the rest of the story of Lucien's siring. Klaus sets out to kill Lucien but is stopped by Elijah who holds promise of forgiveness. Klaus tells Elijah he will never kill his brother. Cami and Vincent continue poring over the murders, Marcel laments being dismissed like a child, and Aurora breaks out of the monastery.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Klaus: Have you finally forgiven me?
Elijah: I will consider it. When Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and Hell has frozen over.

I'm afraid we might have to resort to something deliciously medieval here, brother.