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As The Originals Season 3 Epispde 7 begins, Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel work with Freya to find Rebekah's body. Klaus has told them that he's working a different angle, but has failed to mention that angle is Aurora. Marcel offers to work with the Strix to find Rebekah through those channels, but Elijah asks him to handle Davina instead. He needs to prevent her from activating Lucien's medallion.

Elijah returns to the compound to find Klaus has been sleeping with Aurora, who knows where Rebekah is. Elijah doesn't approve of Klaus' plan to sleep with Aurora in order to get Rebekah back. The two decide to invite the Trinity to Thanksgiving dinner where they will turn the trio against one another and crush their alliance.

Tristan finds Rebekah's casket empty and Aurora shows up to tell him that she has other plans. She asks her brother to trust him, but there's a lingering doubt that he does.

Cami is still trapped in Lucien's penthouse. He's dressing for dinner at the Mikaelson's and threatening to kill Cami in the same breath. Marcel offers Davina help to get out of town but she says she doesn't run from anyone anymore. Jackson is unhappy with Hayley's decision to attend the Mikaelson family Thanksgiving instead of their own. 

Klaus and Elijah begin their Thanksgiving feast by acknowledging the alliance between Tristan and Lucien and hinting at Aurora's complicity. 

Marcel hits up Rousseau's and finds Vincent there instead of Cami. Marcel wants Vincent's help getting Davina out of town, but Vincent knows Davina will never do that. They'll have to go about saving her from the Strix another way.

Elijah begins the dinner party by requesting confessions from their guests. Tristan says that he and Lucien arrived in New Orleans as enemies instead of allies to throw off suspicion. Lucien reveals that he had Cami arrested so that he could search her family's collection of dark objects and Klaus rankles at the thought of Cami in danger. Aurora is displeased to learn that another woman is vying for Klaus' affection.

When Freya can't find Rebekah through traditional magic, she decides to try another tactic.

Vincent visits Davina who tells him she's not afraid of the Strix. She admits to killing the Versailles coven's leader and the rest of the witches overhear her thanks to a magic trick of Vincent's. 

Freya joins the dinner and they learn that Aurora has placed Rebekah at the bottom of the ocean. Klaus and Elijah are unhappy to hear the news but Aurora believes herself to be quite clever. Freya knocks her out with magic and then the gentlemen divide and torture.

The covens confront Davina and Vincent says she must be shunned for what she's done. 

Klaus has a discussion with Tristan, who suggests Klaus lock up his remaining siblings while he remains free to stand guard. It will only take a year for the threat to pass. Elijah asks for Cami and the medallion. Freya puts a silence spell on the room and invites Hayley in to torture Aurora. 

Vincent reads from a scroll as Davina is excommunicated from the covens of New Orleans. As she walks through the cemetery, she is stripped of her magic. 

Hayley and Freya continue battling Aurora, who is capable of withstanding their torture. The girls and Klaus learn that Aurora and Tristan are both necessary to find Rebekah's whereabouts. 

The family returns to the table where Elijah threatens Tristan once again but Klaus defends them, stating that they must all make difficult choices to ensure their collective survival. He breaks Tristan's neck and tells Aurora to bring his sister home. 

Cami manages to evade her vampire babysitter by cutting off the finger on which he wears his daylight ring, but she runs into Aurora on the way out of the penthouse. Klaus shows up later and destroys Lucien's penthouse. Lucien hands over the medallion.

Davina eats dinner in a restaurant and Vincent and Marcel watch from a window across the street. Vincent promises to try and help her. Jackson, angry that Hayley missed their dinner to help the Mikaelsons, goes to the bayou. Aurora bites Cami and puts her in the trunk. Elijah has a flashback to Alexis' final vision.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Lucien: I've been called to dine with the Mikaelsons.
Cami: Are they going to serve your head on a platter?

Please tell me that we're gonna kill someone.