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At the beginning of The Originals Season 3 Episode 9, a group of workers hired by Elijah find Rebekah’s crate at the bottom of the ocean. They plan to open the crate in order to renegotiate the terms of their agreement with Elijah, but he arrives and slaughters them all before undaggering his sister.

Cami has been staying at the compound with Klaus, under his protection, ever since Aurora attacked her. She gets a message from Vincent regarding Detective Kinney and leaves to offer her help.

Tristan reveals to Marcel that he wants to install Van Nguyen as Regent of the French Quarter witches. He believes the young man to be impressionable and easily bought. 

Vincent tells Cami that Detective Kinney has been fired from his job for failure to do it. There are blackouts he can’t explain, missing information in his reports, and he’s isolating himself from the world, refusing to leave his apartment.

Hayley visits Jackson in the bayou to ask him to come home. All she wants is a quiet Christmas, just the three of them. 

Aurora realizes she’s been asleep for days and awakes furious that Tristan hasn’t killed Klaus yet. He reveals that he has a plan for the Mikaelsons and it involves their sister Freya.

Elijah and Rebekah begin their trek back to New Orleans. When Rebekah is overcome with a desire to injure Klaus, they discover a magical mark burning itself into her arm which matches the etchings on the end of the dagger which put her to sleep.

Jackson arrives in the Quarter and sees Freya on the street. He realizes she’s being followed. He goes to her rescue, but not before the Strix recover the medallion.

Cami visits Will Kinney and Klaus follows her to the detective’s house. When Will doesn’t answer the door, Klaus uses his hearing and discovers Will is about to take his own life. Klaus breaks down the door and Cami begs Klaus for help saving Will’s life.

Jackson gets Freya back to the compound where she tells he and Hayley that the only way to defeat the Serratura is to use it. They need to recover it from the Strix and then use it to lock something else away. Elijah and Rebekah arrive with news of their bigger problem.

Marcel finds Vincent working out in the gym, boxing away his frustrations. Marcel doesn’t like the fact that Vincent has walked away from magic and left the children of New Orleans to lead, particularly since that means the new Regent is on the Strix’ payroll. Vincent vows to take back the Regency but promises that Marcel will not like the result.

Klaus cannot override Lucien’s compulsion, so he adds a better, more hopeful one in its place. He tells Detective Kinney that his life will start to turn around and that this is his darkest moment. Things will get better. 

Freya believes she can reverse the curse on Rebekah, but a poison has left her weak. She plans to channel Finn to regain her strength, but he’s not inclined to help her. Hayley visits Rebekah upstairs and Rebekah, influenced by the curse, tells Hayley that the Mikaelsons cannot just be a convenience for her. She believes Hayley may be a foe who wants Klaus dead.

Finn agrees to help Freya, reluctantly, when he sees Elijah’s loyalty to his living sister. Jackson wants to take Freya to a hospital but Elijah knows they can’t help her. Rebekah taunts Hayley for being married to Jackson but loving Elijah. 

The girls fall to the compound floor and continue their battle. Rebekah tries to rip Hayley’s heart out but Klaus stops her. Rebekah tries to turn on Cami, but Klaus stops her from that, too. Freya is given the antidote and manages to slice the cursed skin from Rebekah’s arm.

Once the dust has settled, Jackson surprises Hayley with a family Christmas, Mikaelsons included. Rebekah lights a fire in a bowl so they can continue their family tradition, and Klaus explains it to Cami. The siblings cast their wishes and Rebekah realizes she cannot stay. Her presence puts them all in danger.

Tristan pays Marcel a visit at the gym when he learns that Van Nguyen was rejected by the ancestors. Marcel shows his hand when he comments that Vincent will not be so easily bought.

Rebekah says her goodbyes to the family, telling Klaus not to let Cami pass him by. Later, he finds her on the balcony, and they share a tender moment.

Freya’s necklace with Finn’s spirit goes missing and Tristan and members of the Strix pay Vincent a visit in the cemetery. Tristan threatens Vincent with Finn Mikaelsson who is still neatly trapped inside Freya’s necklace.

Elijah gets an urgent message from Rebekah and finds her in an alley. The curse has not been broken. Klaus and Cami, meanwhile, are growing closer together. Rebekah forces Elijah to dagger her in order to control the prophecy. 

Tristan and Aurora sit by the piano and celebrate the good day she’s had. Klaus wakes up with Cami’s throat cut and the both of them covered in blood.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

My feelings for Elijah are complicated, Jack. But that doesn’t mean that I love you any less. I chose you. And I choose you again every single day. Can’t that be enough?


Elijah: Hello, sister.
Rebekah: Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas.