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We begin The Originals Season 3 Episode 5 in 1002 A.D. Klaus and Aurora are in love, but she is heartbroken when she learns what he is. In New Orleans, she visits a witch's shop and asks that a letter and a message be delivered. Klaus and Elijah walk into the compound's courtyard to find the witch dead on a bed of lavendar with a letter for Aurora. Now they know that all three sires have returned.

Elijah confesses that when he saw beyond the red door, Aurora was there. Klaus doesn't want to hear it. Instead he asks Elijah to help him kill Aurora so there's no longer any need to worry about her.

Cami and Vincent celebrate the Axeman's Jazz festival and Vincent tells the story of the Axeman, a witch and serial killer. They're in the city to follow Lucien believing him to be involved somehow in the serial murders happening in the city. Elijah and Klaus wander the streets searching for a sign from Aurora which will lead them to her whereabouts. Klaus finds it in a perfume and follows Aurora's scent.

Davina calls Hayley and Jackson to the cemetery and asks them to be her bodyguards. She fears that during the Fete de Kado, a member of one of the covens might try to kill her. Hayley agrees to watch her while Jackson watches the crowd.

Klaus and Aurora reminisce about a time he comforted her by sharing with her that he killed their mother shortly after she turned them into vampires. He tries to hurt her feelings and she reveals that she's there for Rebekah, her sire. 

Elijah brings Tristan the heart of his assistant in a a jar so they can discuss the rising threat against them. Elijah believes that Klaus and Aurora's reunion will make them both volatile. Tristan is sure his sister would come to him first if she were in New Orleans. Elijah is not.

Vincent tells Cami he's afraid something in him was drawn to Eva's darkness and that's why he doesn't practice magic any longer. He looks away for just a moment and Lucien whooshes her away. When Lucien threatens her, Cami suggests Klaus won't react very well if he hurts her. So Lucien kills an innocent man instead, slicing his face open with the serial killer's signature.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Aurora tricked Rebekah into siring her. 

Davina receives gifts from the various New Orleans covens, goats mostly, which she does not want to sacrifice. She vents about her troubles to Hayley and Hayley gives her a beer. 

Elijah visits Marcel to ask for his help in finding out what Tristan's up to. Marcel is unwilling to blow his cover, but he agrees to put his people on it. Aurora uses a memory to seduce Klaus. 

Detective Kinney doesn't respond kindly to finding Cami at the crime scene. He begins to suspect she knows more than she's letting on. She convinces Vincent there's a way he can do magic without actually having to do it.

Jackson spies members of the Versailles coven working a spell at the Fete de Kado and stops them. He takes the traitors to Davina who accuses him of attempted murder. He wasn't trying to kill her but instead wanted to make her confess the truth about what she did to his mother. 

Aurora reveals that she broke her oath to Klaus and told Elijah Klaus' secret in the moments before they had to flee Mikael's arrival. Elijah, in turn, compelled Aurora not to love Klaus, but he was not aware what he was doing. Elijah is to blame for Klaus' broken heart.

Marcel's men track Tristan to the Candide Royale, a storefront with hidden passageways which lead to a building owned by Kingmaker Land Development, aka Lucien. The two deduce that Tristan and Lucien have been working together. Aurora confesses to killing Lucien's seer after taking a look at the future. Now she plans to change it.

As a gift, Davina asked the ancestors for the power to lift Hayley's curse and they grant it. She would rather keep Davina as a friend.

Cami shows Vincent her collection of creepy Black Magic knick knacks, many of which belonged to the Treme witches. Kinney walks into her secret closet and arrests Cami for the Kingmaker murders. 

Klaus asks Elijah about compelling Aurora and the two come to blows over the secret. 


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The Originals Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Hayley: Not a fan of goats, huh?
Davina: I love goats, but do you know how many of them I've had to sacrifice? Just once I'd like to get a gift card.

No one is going to respect you until you show them who you really are, so if you wear old lady choker scarves, you're going to get old lady goats.

Hayley [to Davina]