Watch The Originals online to see the epic Klaus-Jackson showdown Nathan Parsons teased was coming. Find out if Finn gets Marcel to talk!

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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 12, many strange things happen. Watch The Originals online to see a few of them, like Freya's return, Finn's repeated mind-whammying, Klaus just giving up in his fight against Jackson, and Aiden snapping Josh's neck. Yeah, that's love. Aiden snapped Josh's neck so Josh wouldn't eat him. Then he and Davina escaped with their friend while Kol was busy being sentenced to death. Please don't let Kol actually die. That wouldn't be great because I really, really like him. If he dies I will have to get angry. Rebekah is back with her brothers now, and she's a witch, but she doesn't know how to be a witch. She's bringing Freya withher somehow, sort of, maybe. Which means Dahlia isn't too far behind. What sucks about that is Dahlia is going to try and take Hope and we just sort of got her back. Man the Mikaelson family really blows! Why do they all hate each other so much!? Klaus totally beat Jackson to bits and Jackson just sort of took it feeling like that was how he could prove his love. Weird.

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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 12, Rebekah becomes intrigued by a newcomer to the asylum. Klaus tries to stop Hayley's union with Jackson.

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The Originals
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