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Someone breaks into Mona's apartment and leaves a box of cupcakes with an ominous message. 

Taylor thanks Alison for allowing her to stay at her house. 

Alison and Mona tell the liars the truth about why Taylor faked her death. 

Ava is paired up with Zach for a school project. 

Mona uses Taylor's Beacon Guard to try and track down the person who's using Nolan's key card.

Dana Booker tells Caitlin a teenager hit her with his car and they kept it out of the news as he was a minor. 

Caitlin goes to her internship interview but is thrown off by the type of questions. 

Zach lies to Ava about working when they're supposed to work on their project.

Mason goes to Mona for guidance. 

Ava talks to Andrew about reconciling with Dylan. 

Caitling asks for a redo of her interview.  

Alison is suspicious of Taylor and plans to ask her to leave her house. 

Dylan turns in a plagerized piece of music for his class since he can't play with his shoulder. 

Andrew forgives Dylan and asks to move back in. 

Mona discovers that Mason is the anonymous chess player she's been playing against. 

Alison tells Taylor that Mona has her RV. 

Ava finishes the project and Zach apologizes for mistreating her. 

Dana is aware that Dylan plagerized his project. 

Mona figures out that Dana is the one who left her the cupcakes. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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