Alison's On The Hunt - PLL: The Perfectionists
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Alison tells Mona that she has a feeling Taylor Hotchkiss is still alive. 

Mason threatens to tell the liars' secrets unless they do everything he says. 

Alison matches with Caitlin as well as an unknown person named Ray, through a program that pairs up similar people on campus. Mona talks to Caitlin as her adviser to get more information. 

Dana tries to confront Ava again, but Alison interrupts them. 

Caitlin goes to Claire Hotchkiss' house and refuses to spy on Ava and Dylan. Claire calls Dana and tells her to turn up the heat. 

Caitlin, Dylan, and Ava go to Alison's and tell her about the latest threatening message they received. 

Dylan tells Andrew the truth about what he did, and Andrew storms away.

Caitlin meets with Mason and records their conversation but refuses to relay it to Ava. 

Alison tells Mona Emily stopped wearing her wedding ring. Mona comforts her and tells her that she thinks Alison has already moved on. 

Jeremy tells Caitlin he knows she wasn't at the library like she said when she canceled their date. Caitlin confides in Alison about telling Jeremy the truth. 

Mona continues to look for a way that Ray is connected to Alison and Caitlin. Her online chess opponent asks her to meet in person. 

Ava finds a music box in her dorm and she believes it's from her dad. 

Alison signs the divorce papers that Emily sent her.

Caitlin admits to Ava that she's the rat and the reason that everyone on campus knows about Ava's parents. Ava tells Caitlin to leave. 

Mona goes to Ray's apartment and she finds news articles about both of the Hotchkiss' deaths. Ray comes home and Mona discovers it's the utility worker she met earlier. 

Alison breaks into a trailer which belongs to Taylor Hotchkiss. She comes home and locks Alison inside before fleeing. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You really think Mason killed Nolan?


Mona: What are we talking about then?
Alison: A feeling.
Mona: What kind of feeling?
Alison: The same one that told me you were alive when everyone else thought you were dead.