The Purge Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Blindspots

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We're not even two weeks beyond Purge Night and already things are beginning to spiral.

On The Purge Season 2 Episode 3, Tommy discovered what happens to Class R felons, and since Ryan was spot on about his fate, it's hard to imagine Tommy wasn't already resigned to it.

Then again, with what little we've seen so far, nothing about Purge Night keeps crime on Purge Night.

A Trio at the Bar - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

Unless his buddies intervene, Tommy is toast.

The good news is he has 356 days to think about what's next. That ought to be a lot of fun for him. Can you imagine how badly he's regretting not listening to his friends about reentering the bank that night?

Ryan has a Drink - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

But would it even matter if he had waited?

Shock jocks are egging on Purgers to step outside of the annual activity. If they're allowed on the air, I'm doubling down my belief that the government wants people amped up and stepping into doo from which they cannot escape.

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In just one episode we saw Delta go ballistic, Ryan seemingly talking to his team about the possibility of a non-Purge night score, and someone trying to run down Marcus in the street.

If your toe over the line after the Purge siren blows warrants death, then what would everyone else get for their off-Purge criminal behavior? Shot in the street?

Ryan Heads for His Bike - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

Getting to know more about Ryan and his squad when the Purge wasn't as set in stone helped with context.

As cops, they wanted to use Purge Night to circumvent policy and take down the dirtiest of the dirty to clean up their town. The warning from their captain seemed just like a watchful eye.

But discovering that so many of their brethren chose high cash payouts by working for the high caliber criminals instead of against them sent them off on their own to a waiting blacklist that meant their only recourse was to Purge themselves.

With a legal system that appears to have no public viewing (that was one empty courtroom), the masses likely have no idea how corrupt the system is when it comes to people like Tommy. Can harsh sentences serve as a deterrent if nobody knows about them?

Esme at a Cafe - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

But the reality is that when your well-trained cops are going to go rogue on Purge Night, then there is nobody to count on with the going gets rough. The very people you expect to keep the streets clean are looking the other way.

And if the cops want to pretend they can work both sides of the aisle, that's highly illogical. Once you know where your bread is buttered, you're going to turn a blind eye when you should be taking down suspects.

Hopefully, we'll get a bit more backstory on how the cops work with the NFFA. There should be rules about who gets to Purge. I recall that cops were off duty on Purge Night, but they shouldn't get the benefit of all of the inside information they have by being allowed to cross-pollinate.

If someone like Marcus needs the help of cops off-Purge to get whoever tried to kill him, then it makes no sense that one of them could be going for the bounty, as well. That's counter intuitive. 

Marcus Goes for a Jog - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

It would make being a cop the prime job just to have a leg up on Purge Night.

Then again, maybe that's why Marcus was using a private investigator instead of going directly to the police. But even then, if a criminal can wave $75 grand in front of her eyes, the only thing keeping people on the up and up is the goodness of their souls.

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I know enough people to know that's a losing proposition.

The more we learn about The Purge and the more you try to make sense of it, the more nonsensical it becomes. At least if you lean toward the cynical. It's hard to be optimistic about a world where one night a year anything goes.

Delta at the Circus - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

Kudos to Delta, though, for killing a human instead of a defenseless animal. At least the strawberries vendor had the opportunity to run.

Do you think he really pulled a fast one on Ben, or do you think Delta just needed to create ammunition to give him the edge to tend to his aggression? It was very difficult to tell. 

My first reaction was to side with Delta about the$20/$10 switcheroo. But when he began his attack, Strawberry seemed genuinely surprised that it was happening, and in a world where The Purge occurs, would anything surprise you if you broke the law?

But back to the farm.

Delta Wields an Ax - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

Culling animals versus humans is the deciding factor from the true lunatics, right? OK. Maybe that's just me. 

But the worst of the worst always seem to start with defenseless, fuzzy critters and work their way up to people. If you can smash a fluffy critter in the head with a rock, it wouldn't be too much to imagine doing the same to a jackass of the human variety.

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No? OK. It's hard to understand why it is so much more difficult to imagine killing animals in entertainment than humans. The only logical explanation is that it's easier to rationalize evil qualities into humans in just the way Delta might have done it with Strawberry.

But even after Purging, Delta still couldn't bring himself to hurt someone who didn't, in his eyes, deserve it. 

Delta Cleans Up - The Purge Season 2 Episode 3

Still, it was creepy when he walked into his room with such a grim look on his face after killing that guy. It was a perfect opportunity for him to go over the edge and find a reason to hurt the person he loves, too.

Instead, he got vindication when she (does she have a name?) told him that as long as he had to do it, he was justified in his actions. Of course, she also thought it was strictly a Purge Night activity.

If Esme managed to track down the elusive and well-prepared Ryan, she (or someone like her) would have no problem catching Delta who isn't even cleaning up his messes.

If you're watching, leave a holler down below to let me know what stories are working for you right now. Can you even believe, given all we've learned so far about off-Purge activities, that it's lasted as long as it has?

Does the amount of crime surprise you? How did you expect this world to look after The Purge?


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