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Brandi Glanville throws her housewarming party and Lisa Vanderpump attends, shocking everyone and offering a bottle of Champagne. 

Later at Lisa Vanderpump's charity event at PUMP, Brandi pulls down a branch from an olive tree to offer Lisa an olive branch. Lisa is not amused. Then Brandi asks Lisa to lunch the next day. Lisa says she's not sure but she'll think about it. Brandi's response is to ask Lisa if she wants her to eat her pussy. Lisa passes on the offer but eventually agrees to have lunch.

Eileen Davidson is a little taken aback by the conversation concerning cunnilingus during the charity lunch. She and Lisa Rinna ask about the tension between Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump but despite everyone's input, they're still confused about who did what to whom.

Lisa Rinna hosts Access Hollywood and does the ALS Ice Bucket challenge on live TV. Later, when she tells the ladies about it, Yolanda agrees to do the challenge and Lisa Vanderpump gladly pours a bucket filled with ice over her. 

Kyle Richards tries to prepare her daughter Alexia for the real world once she leaves for college since Alexia doesn't know how to cook or do her own laundry. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Cinderella was late for the ball. Or did she leave early? One of the two.


If anything goes wrong at the party, my plan is to be completed wasted so that I don't know what's happening because if you don't hear it and you don't see it then it didn't happen…like blackout sex.