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Things pick up where they left off at Kyle Richard’s gay mixer with she and Brandi continuing their fight. Kyle ends up telling her sister “f**k you” and both sister end up in tears. Eventually Brandi and Kim leave.
Eileen Davidson invites the ladies to the Burbank Film Festival to see her in a sci-fi movie. The Film Festival takes place in a mall with a red carpet the size of a bath mat. The ladies indulge in hot dogs and popcorn and watch Eileen in a unitard on screen.
Yolanda Foster invites Brandi over for some yoga and attempts to talk to her about her anger and alcohol issues but Yolanda is furious when Brandi tries to turn things around by sharing that “people” are saying that Yolanda’s 17-year-old daughter is an alcoholic. 
Lisa Vanderpump’s son Max gets the results back from his family heritage search. He now knows his birth name and that he’s Scandinavian and Irish. He says that’s all he wanted to know. He understands that his birth mother must have had reasons for giving him up and he’s happy with the way things turned out. 
Eileen Davidson invites Kim and Kyle to lunch. Eileen recently lost her sister and thinks that maybe her perspective can make a difference but the two sisters continue to fight.
Lisa Rinna invites Brandi to lunch to talk about Kim. Lisa’s afraid something bad is going to happen to Kim if no one confronts her. Brandi makes it sound as though something bad already has. 
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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