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Brandi Glanville is doing a 21-day cleanse with no sugar or alcohol. Ken invites her to Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise birthday party but Brandi is offended when he asks her to be on her best behavior.

Kim Richards shares how difficult it is to watch her first husband suffer with cancer and how Brandi helps her escape but says she worries about falling into old patterns.

Eileen Davidson and her husband Vince have all the girls (except Brandi) over to have a table read for a script that Vince co-wrote. 

Lisa Rinna encourages the group to help Kim deal with her addiction. Lisa and Eileen feel it is a moral obligation to confront the behavior they’ve seen. Eileen asks Kyle if Kim has a sponsor or goes to meetings but Kyle doesn’t know.  Kim feels that Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson neede to mind their own business. 

Lisa Vanderpump is surprised by her party at PUMP and even more surprised to see Brandi there. She asks Brandi to sing a song saying how sorry she is and even though Brandi hates to sing, she does it. Later, Brandi refers to the rest of the group as the menopause mommas who are fighting over the mic. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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