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Heather, Kristen, and Dorinda arrive to Sonja’s to head to Atlantic City and she won’t let them in the house because she’s still packing and she doesn’t want to be disturbed. They’re stuck standing outside in the rain until the limo arrives. Heather and Sonja argue until Ramona tells them to shut the f**k up. It’s a very stressful ride to Atlantic City.

Along the way, Bethenny and Ramona have to have the limo stop on the side of the road so they can pee. They have flashbacks to Bethenny trying to pee in a bucket in her wedding gown. 

LuAnn and Carole arrive in Atlantic later. The arguing continues at dinner where Bethenny tries to get Sonja to stop being so pretentious but Sonja’s already started drinking.

Everyone starts gambling, separately. Sonja and Ramona pair off. Kristen and LuAnn find Bethenny.  Ramona hits 21 three times and everyone heads to the club to go dancing. Sonja tries to make out with LuAnn, then she ends up flashing the dance floor. Dorinda ends up babysitting Sonja and making sure she gets back to her room. 

The next day, Sonja looks as though nothing ever happened. She talks to Bethenny who tries to get through once again, saying that she knows what going through a messy divorce is like and she also has serious financial issues due to lawsuits. She tries to convince Sonja to cut back on her drinking and talk to someone about her issues. Sonja completely dismisses Bethenny’s concerns saying she has no idea what Sonja is going through.    

The Real Housewives of New York City
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