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A viewer ask if Carole would have dated Adam if she new it would be such a huge problem for LuAnn. Carole says she wouldn’t have and wonders why LuAnn didn’t say it was such a problem for her in the beginning. LuAnn says it became huge. Andy points out that Carole couldn’t have known that. Carole is upset because LuAnn was age shaming her behind her back. LuAnn claims that things really didn’t hit the fan until Turks & Caicos. 

LuAnn says that Carole will never again be invited to her home in the Hamptons. Carole says she’ll stay at Bethenny’s and she’s tired of LuAnn bashing her on social media. 

Heather asks LuAnn that if her problems are with Carole, why is she no longer talking to her. LuAnn says she’s got her own issues with Heather too. 

Dorinda says her daughter Hannah does not watch the show and doesn’t like that she’s spoken about on it. Dorinda and John are still together. Dorinda is unhappy with Kristen’s attitude about John. She’s also still upset with Heather about her attitude. 

The Fuck You Dinner. Kristen says Dorinda had about 5 too many dirty martinis and has an underbelly of anger no one knows from where it comes. Even Bethenny admits that Dorinda lashes out when she’s drunk. Dorinda says she wasn’t drunk. Andy points out that she was slurring her words badly. 

Heather hopes she and Dorinda’s relationship can be repaired. Dorinda says they may just need a long talk and a long walk in the Berkshires. 

What did LuAnn do with that man in the back room of the club. She says that he just escorted her to the restroom. Bethenny says LuAnn does her best work in the restroom. 

Ramona apologizes to Andy for her reaction to his questions during last season’s reunion show. Mario blames the show for their breakup. Ramona shares that she walked in and found Mario in the Hamptons house with the other woman standing in her kitchen. LuAnn admits she never liked Mario. 

Bethenny calls Ramona a bottom feeder for spreading the gossip that she cheated on her husband and says it isn’t true. Ramona eventually admits that she was wrong. 

The Real Housewives of New York City
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