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The ladies are divided, with Lisa Barlow being pretty much ostracized after her rant about Meredith and her family.

Meredith wastes no time in making claims that Lisa's companies don't make money and that their life isn't as good as she makes it out to be.

Lisa meets with Heather and asks for pointers to get back in her good graces.

Meredith speaks to Jen about the drama and says that Lisa had plenty of time to reach out to her and that doing it while filming is a bit too false for her.

Jen plans a party for the Coach and does it at Angie's house.

Lisa tries to get through to Meredith, but she isn't interested, so she sets her sights on Seth, who is not impressed.

The party is relatively drama-free, but the preview offers a lot of what's to come.

Heather and Whitney have a chat about leaving the Church of Mormonism and how it could change their lives down the line.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
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