Confiding in Sarah - The Republic of Sarah
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Corinne keeps flashing back to her night with Danny. Bella confronts Alexis about her affair with A.J. Piper surprises Danny, who is thinking about Corinne, so he won't be alone during the holidays. Greylock is gathering for an "ugly-sweater party" at Town Hall. Grover checks with Sarah to see if they're cool. William is trying to keep Bella from Tyler. Danny introduces Paul to Piper. Corinne admits to Sarah that she slept with Danny. Sarah starts to wonder about who is Josh's father. Corinne got together with Adam a couple of days after Danny left town. She had never checked Josh's paternity. Piper wants to look at houses in Greylock with Danny. William doesn't want Bella to see Alexis anymore. Instead, he wants to bring Bella home from boarding school. Piper asks Sarah why Danny is dragging his feet about Greylock. Bella tells Maya that she's worried about having to take care of William if she comes back. Danny informs Sarah he still loves Corinne. She tells him to make a future with Piper, not a past with Corinne. Bella brings boxes to Alexis. Alexis tells Bella to ask William for what she wants. Maya is feeling guility about feeling at home in Greylock and can't write her imprisoned mother. Corinne did a paternity test and sent the results to Sarah's house, because she really has to know the answer. A guilty Danny tells Piper that he can't marry her because she deserves someone who's better than him. They break up. Grover tells Sarah and Corinne the news. Bella tells William she's staying in Greylock under certain conditions. Danny informs Corinne that he broke up with Piper because he loves someone else. Sarah gets the DNA results and tells Corinne Adam is Josh's father. Sarah drags Danny to Grover's "Anti-Christmas" party. 

The Republic of Sarah
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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I want to be there for you if you'll let me.

Alexis [to Bella]

Tyler: I thought you wanted to learn about winter stuff.
Maya: I thought you meant watching "Frozen" and drinking hot chocolate.