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A patient is in the ambulance and specifically requests going to see Conrad. 

Lily has a panic attack and seeks out Conrad and Nic.

Mina helps Nic bring the therapy dogs to the kids with cancer. One of them gets loose and follows Mina out of the room. An elderly lady captures it. 

Catherine has stomach pains and is apparently married now. Conrad introduces her to Nic. She says that they used to be engaged. Nic is upset that she didn't know this part of Conrad's life. 

Conrad apologizes to Lane for overstepping. He talks about how horrible it is for doctors seeing their patients suffer. Lane gets emoitonal and talks about the call she made with Lily. She starts to cry and they hug. Conrad doesn't appear to believe it's genuine.

The diabetic amuputee patient comes in and still is having issues with eating too much. Devon tries to get him on a diet plan. 

Nic confronts Edna the elderly woman about Cookie, the dog. She tells Nic that the dog got away, but she lied and her aide covered for her. 

Catherine is pregnant. 

Priya is introduced to Conrad and she talks about her findings when she looked intoLane's patients. Four of the patients have total remissions for incurable cancers. 

Claire has been looking into medical errors at Chastain. She proposes shining a light on problematic doctors by installing cameras in OR's and hopefully firing the poor performers. Bell is not pleased by this notion. 

Cookie the dog is still wandering around the hospital. 

Devon realizes that he forgot Priya's birthday. 

Nic is frustrated that Conrad isn't more helpful with the Lane situation and wonders if she knows him well enough at all.

They try to avoid surgery with Catherine and propose somethng non invasive to remove the blockage giving her stomach pain. 

Catherine tells Nic that Conrad is different than when she met him. She asks Nic how long she has been in love with him. She tells Nic that the ring Conrad gave Nic belonged to his mother and that Nic must be really special.

Another doctor contacts Lane to tell her that Lily came to her for a second opinion. She needs all of Lily's records. She tells Lane that Nic was the one who referred Lily to her. 

Catherine's bowels are being strangulated. She needs emergency surgery, but Bell is oncall. 

Lily comes back into the hospital. She had a severe reaction to her chemo and has to be admitted.  

Conrad tells Bell that Jude will take over the surgery on Catherine. Bell pretends to be upset, but he's relieved because the cameras have been put in.

Lane plays nice with Nic and tells her that Lily needs her. 

Conrad tells Jude that he deserves Nic. 

Catherine starts bleeding internally while on the table. Conrad sees it and tries to pull up her file to see what could be wrong with her to explain the internal bleeding. 

Conrad sees that Catherine has an ectopic pregnancy in addition to the other one. The OB missed it. Catherine stabilizes. 

Nic asks Conrad about his mother's ring and asks if he wants it back. He tells her about it and tells her no.

Lane tells Nic to give Lily a high dosage before she heads out. Nic asks her if it's too much. Lane assures her that it isn't. 

Nic obliges before leaving and leaves. Lane goes back into Lily's room to see what's going on, then she meets up with Randolph to take him to dinner. 

Devon gives Priya a puppy. 

Lily codes. Conrad tries to save her, but he can't. 


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