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CoNic steal a moment to have sex in the shower at work, but Conrad is paged 911.

Mina visits Micha before heading to her next case with AJ. They have twins one of whom needs surgery. AJ reassures the twins father that the surgery will go well. He notices that the father's pulse is racing and BP is high. Conrad and Devon check him out.

Bell watches the news. Lane is facing the death penalty.

The power goes out at the hospital presumably because of the storm. It takes longer than usual for the generators to come on. AJ and Mina are performing heart surgery on baby Mabel.

The hospital has to revert to no tech and paper. Bell calls the shots on what to do and conrad tells him that he needs to move the patients on life support because of the back up generators failing.

The sister of Nic's patient is rude about having a NP taking care of her sister.

Jessica and Irving are stuck in the elevator and Jessica is claustrophobic.

All surgeries are postponed but AJ and Mina go through with theirs anyway because Mabel will die if they don't. AJ plans it where they will be done before the generator gives out. Mina is worried they won't be able to do it in time.

AJ reminds her to focus and tells someone to get an update on Micah so she can focus. Nic gives the update and Micah is amused that mina was worried.

Devon keeps them from moving the twins mother.

The IT guy tells Bell the hospital is under cyber attack. He recommends Bell pay a ransom if that's what will be asked. The hospital's system is outdated because the board didn't want to deal with the cost.

EMTS bring in a 8 yr old gunshot victim. Conrad defies orders and takes him in anyway even though they aren't supposed to be taking new patients.

Conrad has Nolan come down because the boy needs surgery. No ORs are available, so Conrad creates a sterile environment like he used to do in the military. Nolan performs surgery on the kid.

The power is running down and AJ and the team have to continue surgery using old school methods.

Bell finds them performing surgery on the kid. After chastising them, he offers to scrub in. They remind him to head back to the command center.

The IT guy said the hacker is inside the hospital.

Devon finds mabel's dad passed out on the stairs and carries him up three flights of stairs to treat him.

Nic figures out that her patient is the hacker. She's upset about her hospital bills and not being able to continue school. When she finds out that she caused the whole hospital to go under she provides a fix in exchange for leniency.

Devon saves mabel's dad after figuring out he was having an allergic reaction.

Bell gives nic's patient a slap on the wrist to save face. He fires the IT guy and his assistant. He talks to Nolan about taking on the gunshot victim and he's working towards getting Conrad fired.

The baby is saved and reunited with her twin. Mina goes to micah.

The Resident
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Colleague: Mr. Bell, why is this happening?
Bell: It's Dr. Bell. I recommend thinking before you speak. If that's too much of a challenge, don't speak.

Mr. Toms, your wife brought these beautiful twins into this world together. It's my mission to reunite them in a few hours, and I am not in the losing mood. Rarely am I.