L Simone Clark - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 1
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Simone goes to say goodbye to her former students with Brendon, her FBI Academy friend. Their attention is drawn to a fracas outside where they go and arrest a man with a bat.

Back in Los Angeles, Simone's first day as an FBI agent, she is picked up by John Nolan. She crashes at her fathers.

Someplace else, a guy is being beaten to reveal some secrets.

Carter is trying to get a unit created he receives some pushback.

Simone and Brendon arrive for their first day. Simone is dumped into a whack department. Brendon, former tv star joins the unit.

The case for the unit involves one Mr. Kenard, the guy being beaten.

While on a call with Brendon, Simone helps him catch a suspect. Among the cops in crime scene is Smitty.

Using her connections with the LAPD, Simone helps the unit crack the case. She also uses her connections as a guidance counsellor to get an address for a suspect.

After helping the unit get some DNA, Simone is allowed to tag along with unit.

Brendon's past keeps distracting him as he gets offered a gig in film.

Simone gets accepted into the unit on probation. Back at home, Simone and her father agree on some ground rules.

The Rookie: Feds
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's okay. We got this. We're Feds.


Cutty: Two ground rules. One, that badge and that gun must be taken off before you enter. Because in my house, you're my daughter. Not an FBI agent.
Simone: Okay. And what's the second rule?
Cutty: Bring home dinner once a week. Local restaurants only.