Brendon Acres - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 2
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The unit poses as a wedding party to catch some bad guys. During a shoot-out, Brendon reveals that he's still hung up on joining Santiago's movie.

Simone borrows her dad's car to go to work. She gets into it with a drug dealer -- Anton -- who she later flips to become an informant.

Brendon and his training officer visit an informant of his in a hotel where he mistakes the governor and his wife for prostitutes.

His boss is still pressing Carter to rat on Garza and the unit to get it disbanded.

Following up on some information from Anton, the unit discovers that an arms dealer has paid someone to have plastic surgery and act as his double.

The unit pursues leads only to find that the guy they found having surgery is not Quincannon -- the arms dealer, but is the original double.

Cutty catches wind of Simone involving Anton as an informant, arguing about it.

Chen and Bradford show up in this episode.

Brendon uses his acting skills to figure out where Quincannon might be in Florida. A shoot-out ensues, which sees Quincannon and his girlfriend arrested.

Carter comes clean to Garza about his involvement in sabotaging the unit, while Garza comes clean to Elena about his heart condition.

Laura and Brendon agree that honesty is the best policy concerning their relationship as trainees and trainers.

Simone returns the car to her father as they make up for their differences in helping the community.

Cutty realizes Simone has done something to his car, and she's trying to cover it up.

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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Next time, you're wearing a wedding dress. This was not tactical.


Brendon: Probie. I hate that word.
Lucy: Yeah. LAPD trainees are called boots. You know, anything to put us in our place.
Brendon: So you're not a ...
Lucy: ... a rookie? No. Not anymore.