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Internal Affairs will be conducting random integrity tests, i.e. reversals, where they set up crime scenes in order to catch police officer doing the wrong thing. This puts everyone on alert but Captain Anderson reminds them that they should be doing the right thing every day.

Lucy and Jackson both know that Nolan is dating Agent Jessica Russo. Lucy tells Nolan she’s happy for him. 

When Lopez runs into Wesley, things are awkward. She apologizes for checking the messages on his phone and tries to explain how she grew up not being able to trust anyone. Wesley says he can’t trust her and won’t accept her apology. 

Officers Bradford and Chen pull over actor Mario Lopez after he runs through a Stop sign only to find out that he’s a celebrity plant with I.A. Bradford is furious because the Internal Affairs officer at the scene is Detective Murphy who investigated Isabel and still blames Bradford for not turning her in. 

Officers West and Lopez respond to a young boy trying to drive his sister who has overdosed to the hospital. The boy, Jack, ends up with social services. Turns out their mother died when he overdosed for the third time. 

Officers Bishop and Nolan respond to a woman, Astrid Heiser, who called them because a valet scratched her Bentley. When the officers refuse to arrest the valet, she pulls out a knife. When Nolan arrests her, the strap on her dress breaks exposing her camisole underneath. Despite his apologies, she is furious. 

Southern Fronts, a white supremacy gang have “greenlit” or put a hit out on Nolan and someone opens fire on Nolan in public. Turns out Astrid Heiser is the baby mama of Cole, the leader of Southern Front. Astrid said Nolan disrespected her and now he wants him dead. 

The Captain puts a Barta alarm on Nolan’s home, it bypasses 911 and sends an alert to all the cops in the area. Jackson and Chen show up too for “guard duty.” Everyone expects Nolan to stay home until they can get the Southern Front to pull the green light but Nolan shows up for work the next day. He fears this could last weeks and he fears if he stays home, his fellow rookies will move on while he gets left behind. The Captain is proud of him.

Captain Anderson decides to ride with Nolan taking regular calls while the rest of the station targets the Southern Fronts’ criminal enterprises. Sgt. Grey visits King Midas, Cole’s father, who is doing three consecutive life terms in prison. Grey tells him to tell Cole to call off the green light on Nolan or the Southern Fronts will not just be a focus of the LAPD but in all major cities in the state. 

King Midas agrees, but Cole has other ideas. Cole and his buddies ambush Nolan at the Captain at a staged home burglary. Both Nolan and Anderson are chained to chairs. They push Anderson into the pool as Nolan begs for them to release her. 

The Captain breaks her restraints and comes up firing, taking down several men, but Cole fires back and shoots her in the neck killing her before he runs off. Nolan breaks out of the chair but can’t save his Captain. 

Sgt. Grey reminds his team that the Captain would want things done correctly and that killing Cole won’t honor her memory but doing their jobs will. When they surround Cole, he surrenders and Grey sends Nolan to put the cuffs on him and read him his rights. 

Wesley calls Lopez to check how she’s doing and apologize for his reaction to her earlier apology. 


Sgt. Grey tells Nolan that Captain Anderson specifically requested him for her precinct because she felt his experience was an asset. Nolan realizes that he has a lot to live up to.

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

How’s a rookie get greenlit before me? I’ve got to step up my game.

Officer Bradford

If you have to change your behavior because of these reversals then we have a problem. My officers do things the right way every day.

Captain Anderson