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Officers Bishop and Nolan catch a grave robber who is a junkie trying to dig up his mother to get the jewelry she was buried with. In the process, they come upon Captain Anderson’s gravestone and take a moment to pay their respects.  


The new Captain has reassigned all of the extra vehicles to LAX and tells Sgt. Grey the squad can use mountain bikes if a vehicle breaks down. The new Captain’s micromanagement is driving Grey crazy and driving down morale. 


Jessica, who only gets to spend a few days a month in LA and is dating Nolan, suggests that Nolan volunteer for a priority protection detail with the District Attorney’s office. Bishop wants nothing to do with it but Bradford volunteers to be on the detail with him. 


ADA Sean DelMonte assumes Nolan is in charge since he’s dating Jessica since her last boyfriend was a Navy SEAL and Nolan is still a rookie. Bradford quickly sets the ADA straight. They are there to protect Brad Hayes, a former Border Patrol agent who was smuggling people illegally into the states and smuggling cartel drug members back into Mexico. He has a deal for immunity and will go into Witness Protection after he testifies tomorrow. 


Jackson leaves his off-duty weapon at Gino’s, who brings it to the precinct. Jackson gets very upset with Gino, afraid someone might know what he’s bringing and he could lose his job if anyone found out. The two argue as Gino was only trying to help, and then Gino leaves. 


Officer Chen rides with Officer Bishop. Chen’s father is attacked by one of his patients and has a badly broken arm. Chen and Bishop go to the hospital to check on him. Chen’s father won’t give the name of the patient and is upset when Lucy wants to arrest the man. The two argue and Lucy that she knows her father hates the system because it’s designed to punish people not care for them but that will never change unless people like her step up and make it change.


An earthquake hits and sends the city into chaos. Brad Hayes tries to make a break for it just as cartel members attack the safe house. Bradford and Nolan flee with Hayes and head to the beach to hide out. They soon learn that Hayes has a tracker in his boot and was planning to run all along. When the cartel members arrive, Bradford and Nolan are able to apprehend them and bring them and Hayes into custody. 


With landlines and radios down after the earthquake, the captain orders Grey to send a unit to Bel Air in case of looters and he wants one patrol car sent to his own block. Grey wants to disobey but Jessica reminds him that if he does he’ll most likely be fired.  


Officers Lopez and Jackson arrest a man on a three-day cocaine binge who is convinced that the earthquake was a sign of the apocalypse and is firing his automatic weapons at anyone who comes near his Bel Air mansion. Jackson gets a cut to his head and they head to the hospital where he is able to apologize to Gino. 


The new Captain is reassigned to headquarters thanks to a glowing report from Sgt. Grey. He gives the man all of the credit for handling the chaos after the earthquake just to get rid of him. 


Later, Nolan asks Jessica if there’s a reason she didn’t tell the ADA he was a rookie. He fears he is the least impressive thing about her. Jessica scoffs saying she likes Nolan and he won’t be a rookie for long. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

We’re here to guard this guy not braid his hair and be besties.

Officer Bradford

Protection details are like watching paint dry.

Officer Bishop