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The rookies have to swap training officers. Nolan is paired with Officer Lopez, Chen gets Officer Bishop, and West is riding with Officer Bradford. Sgt. Grey also wants them to use their investigative skills to find out something personal about their new training officers. Whoever gets the best information gets a day off. Whoever gets the worst must work cavity searches on a Saturday night.

Nolan ends up waiting for Lopez at the courthouse while she has to testify. Nolan is studying his LAPD regulation when a Nestor Garcia takes out his guards and goes on the run. Later, Lopez and Nolan find the man at his daughter quinceañera but wait to arrest him until after he dances with his daughter. 

After Chen makes a mistake on a call, Bishop tells her she’s risking her career by splitting her focus by staying in a relationship with Nolan. Chen tells Nolan that Bishop knows about them and that they need to be more careful to make certain no one else finds out. Later, Nolan tells Bishop to stay out of his personal life because he really cares about Lucy. Bishop says that Lucy will take the worst of this if word gets out and if Nolan really cares about her, he should consider that. 

West freezes during another firefight and Bradford confronts Lopez about it. He tells West tomorrow might be his last day on the job, then he takes him to visit a former officer who hasn’t left his home in 15 months because of panic attacks. 

Later, Nestor Garcia turns over information about a major drug drop involving 80 kilos of cocaine in a big box store parking lot. He makes a deal with the DA and gives the information specifically to Lopez and Nolan for not breaking up his dance with his daughter. 

Everyone is there for the drug deal and when the police swoop in to make an arrest, the dealers open fire. Bradford tells West to stay in the car, but when West sees Bradford pinned down, he hits the shooter with his police cruiser and then pulls out his gun to arrest him. 

When Sgt. Grey asks each of the rookies what personal details they’ve learned about their T.O.’s, none of them give any information, earning their training officer’s trust. 


Later that night, Nolan tries to break up with Chen because he thinks it’s best for her, but it makes her angry because she was about to break up with him. Upset, she admits that she entered the police academy on a whim because she thought it would upset her parents but didn’t realize she’d love it this much. She also didn’t know she’d care about Nolan this much either. Upset, she breaks up with him and leaves. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The only thing that’s going to make me happy is breaking your spirit.


West: Tim’s going to eat me alive, isn’t he?
Chen: You? No, you’re a rock star. A legacy who excelled at the Academy. If Tim could create a cop in a test tube, it would be you.