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Nolan and Bishop chase thieves dressed as zombies on a train. They arrest two of the thieves but two get away, and then a guy playing the guitar for change takes off with the bag of money. Later they find the guitar player and arrest him in front of his young son, which bothers Nolan. Bishop tells him that everyone is just one bad day away from crossing the line.

Bishop leaves her passenger door unlocked during a stop and a teenager jumps in and uses the radio. Sgt. Grey accuses Nolan of the breach of procedure, and Nolan doesn’t correct him, but Bishop steps in and takes the blame. 

Chen is paired once again with Officer Bradford. They have to break through a wall when a man gets locked in behind an ATM. Later, Bradford gets called to the ER for his wife, Isabel, who overdosed, but once she wakes up she refuses further treatment and leaves, despite Bradford’s protests.

Later, Bradford and Chen are called to a drunk and disorderly call at a biker bar. Bradford provokes a fight with one of the gang members. Chen worries he came back too soon from his gunshot wound. When Bradford goes to drop off Narcan, the emergency treatment for overdoses, to Isabel, Chen offers to deliver it herself to avoid any more drama. She learns that Isabel was a police officer working Narcotics before she became an addict. Bradford tells Chen he thought Isabel was having an affair and by the time he realized she was hooked on drugs, it was too late. 

Officer Lopez tells West that one in three rookies wash out within the first year, which means either he, Chen, or Nolan probably won’t make it. She and Sgt. Grey both tell him it’s smart to have a plan B but the Captain says she didn’t have one. West takes heart that this is all he wants to do. 

The final two zombie thieves are tracked to a house in Hollywood Hills. SWAT hits the house but the two thieve, a man and a woman flee down the back canyon, leading patrol on a pursuit. Bradford and Chen corner the man in an alley and Chen climbs to the roof of a semi to get the drop on him. 

Elsewhere, the woman is cornered in a hospital and flees to the roof where she holds a gun to Nolan’s head. Nolan tries to talk her into doing the right thing when Bishop tazes her and arrests her. 

Later, we find out that Bishop paid he bail for the guitar playing father so that he could get back to his son. 


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Officer Nolan: How could you possibly know he was going to take the money?
Officer Bishop: Because everyone’s an opportunist. Guy who plays the guitar for change, he sees a bag of money, he’s going to steal it ten times out of ten.

Sgt. Grey: Babysitting a termination. Patrol officers' favorite assignment. So, who should I bless with it? [Officer Nolan raises his hand.] Officer Nolan are you volunteering?
Officer Nolan: Just embracing the inevitable.
Sgt. Grey: Smart man.