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Rachel asks Tim to be nice to Lucy today because her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her is marrying her ex-best friend, who is the person he cheated on her with. Bradford reluctantly agrees. He lets Chen drive for the first time and then he doesn’t call her out on a mistake until they are alone and he figures out what’s happening.  

It’s Nolan’s first time in court Wesley, the defense attorney, rips him apart on the stand just like everyone said would happen. Jessica is there for moral support. 

Everyone gets an Emergency Alert on their phone that says a ballistic missile is inbound to Los Angeles with an impact expected within 29 minutes It tells everyone to seek immediate shelter. Unable to confirm if the alert is real, Sgt. Grey deploys all of his officers to try and keep the peace and protect people.

Det. Harper can’t get in touch with her ex-husband so she picks up their daughter, Lyla, from school and brings her to the precinct to keep her safe. 

Officers West and Lopez keep a group of religious zealots from jumping off a roof because they believe the missile is really a sign from a prophet. 

Officers Chen and Bradford convince a store owner to head home to his family instead of staying to protect his store from looters. 

At the courthouse, the judge lies to everyone, saying there is no bomb shelter in the building, then he sneaks his closest friends and associates down to the bomb shelter. Nolan, Jessica, and Wesley get wind of his deception and they bring all of the people in the courtroom, including the criminals down to the bomb shelter where the judge pulls a gun on Nolan to stop them. Nolan disarms the judge and puts him in cuffs. 

Two of the inmates, Oscar Hutchinson and Jonathan Ryland, cause a commotion and manage to lift the keys from one of the guards. When they try to get away, Nolan shoots Ryland but Hutchinson stabs Wesley before he is captured. 

The alert turns out to have been a false alarm. Angela helps rush Wesley to the hospital. The other officers come to lend their support. The doctors say that Wesley made it through surgery and barring complications, should recover. 

Back at the precinct, Harper’s ex is furious that she took Lyla without permission and threatens to have her arrested. Nolan points out how much Harper has given up, being willing to go back into uniform in order to have her daughter in her life. He ex relents. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

The world could be ending. I don’t think anyone’s going to begrudge you a little PDA.


Nolan: Oscar Hutchinson. He was one of the prison bus escapees we tracked down. It’s kind of the reason we’re together.
Jessica: How romantic?