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The rookies are tasked with recruiting their first criminal informants. 

Nolan, with Harper’s help, tries to recruit Bianca who makes deliveries to a local drug dealer. Bianca wears a wire and the dealer is arrested, but a terrified Bianca overdoses afterward. 

Nolan gets a recommendation on using a forger as a C.I. from Det. Nick Armstrong. The forger ends up producing fake I.D.s for a cartel member's wife and other women looking to run from the cartel. The cartel members try to stop the women from getting away but Nolan and Harper hold them off until backup arrives.  

West tries to recruit a high-end informant who already works for the FBI but the FBI puts a stop to it. West and Lopez figure out the informant is extorting other businesses and they use the information to get the man to leave the FBI and be a C.I. for them. Sgt. Grey is so pleased that he lets West graduate to short sleeves. 

Chen gets a pawn shop owner as her C.I. and tracks down a stolen handbag worth $6,000. The owner is a rich woman who didn’t even know it was missing and is about to fire her housekeeper when her 16-year-old stepdaughter, Olivia, admits to stealing it. Chen has to arrest Olivia. Olivia’s mother died from cervical cancer a year ago and her father won’t give her the money her mother left her. 

Later, the pawnbroker calls Lucy to say that Olivia showed up selling more handbags but she wanted a gun instead of money. They find Olivia shooting her step-mother’s high-end handbags and telling her how she’s ruined her life. The step-mother is thrilled to see Olivia arrested until the housekeeper comes in and tells the officers where the step-mother keeps her drugs. 

Lucy’s mom and dad are getting a divorce and her mom has moved into Lucy and Jackson’s apartment. Mrs. Chen gives Jackson advice on getting his confidence back. Eventually, Mr. Chen apologizes and she goes home.

Lucy laments not ever having a long-term romantic relationship. Jackson reveals he knew about her and Nolan. He says the relationship was safe because Lucy knew it wouldn’t last. 

Henry shows up with his girlfriend, Abigail and they announce that they’re engaged. Det. Armstrong runs a background check on Abigail and gives it to Nolan in a sealed envelope. Nolan is torn about opening it and he goes to Grace for advice. She throws the envelope away.

Later, Grace pulls the envelope out of the trash, reads it, and calls Nolan. The report says that Abigail was charged with arson and the use of a caustic substance against a former boyfriend. Nolan asks Abigail and Henry about the incident. Henry already knows what happened. Abigail tells Nolan that her ex-boyfriend posted intimate videos of her on the internet as a form of revenge. She got angry and set his car on fire. She got arrested but he never did. Nolan, Henry, and Abigail decide to put it behind them. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Nolan: We’ll protect you.
Harper: He can’t promise you that. You need to be clear with a C.I. You’ll do your best to treat them right, look out for them, but you’re not God and you’re not with them 24/7.

Sgt. Grey: Officer Nolan’s not the only one being evaluated, Detective. I know you got the golden ticket but you’ve got to do the work. Understand?
Harper: Yes, sir.