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Sgt. Grey tells the squad that it’s a day to go after problem spots. Smitty isn’t thrilled and calls it playing whack-a-mole, so Grey assigns West to Smitty for the day. 

Smitty plans to sit outside a burger joint and just watch the known convicts there until shift end but West decides to see how many are on parole and arrest them for congregating together.

One of the ex-cons, Gleason Dunn, runs off. West catches him and he’s holding bullets but no gun. Suspecting that Dunn dropped the gun when he ran, West finds a young boy playing with. The boy accidentally shoots his mom who later dies. 

The DA lets Gleason go because his prints weren’t on the gun. Smitty encourages West to lie on his statement and say he saw Gleason with the gun but West won’t do that. Turn out the gun was used in an unsolved murder last year. It had DNA on it but there was no match in the system. Gleason’s DNA isn’t in the system. 

West pulls in one of the other convicts from that afternoon and leans on him to give up Gleason, which he does. Gleason will now be charged with two murders but West still feels guilty that the boy’s mother died. 

Lucy thinks it’s time for Bradford to begin dating again. They make a bet. If Lucy can set him up on a successful date, she can wear short-sleeves. If the date is a bust, Lucy will have to do 50 push-ups after every call. 

Lucy sets Tim up with her friend, Rachel, who is a social worker. They’re very different. When Rachel asks Tim to help her get in touch with his watch commander to help her get quicker police response to civil cases, he asks her to slap him, knowing that Lucy is watching and will think the date ended horribly.

When Lucy visits Rachel the next morning, she finds Tim coming out of her shower. Lucy can’t wait to wear short-sleeves. 

Lopez and Nolan stumble upon a man being chased who ends up falling from a street bridge onto a car. At the hospital, Jessica shows up. The man, Alejandro Majea, is working undercover for DHS.  He’s a forensic accountant who had infiltrated an illegal arms ring and then disappeared six weeks ago. 

Nolan is guarding when a nurse comes to move him to ICU. She has ID and answers all of his questions. When they get to the ICU, Nolan runs into Grace who tells him Alejandro wasn’t supposed to be moved. 

Nolan gives chase and finds the nurse and an accomplice in the basement. Nolan knocks the nurse unconscious when she fights him and then finds the accomplice about to torture Alejandro for passwords. When the suspect knocks the light out, Nolan gives Alejandro his back-up weapon. When the man pops up behind Nolan, Alejandro shoots him. 

Angela realizes that Wesley doesn’t want her to meet his mother and she’s worried. Later, he takes her his mother’s party and she finds out why. Wesley’s family is very wealthy. 

Turns out Wesley has a trust fund he hasn’t touched and gets upset when his mother and Angela get along well. Angela points out that note using his money isn’t noble and jokes about helping the homeless or buying her a Porsche. 

When Nolan shows Jessica plans for his master closet, she points out that there’s no shoe rack and she has a lot of shoes. Things immediately get awkward. Later, she says she wasn’t hinting at moving in with him but just testing the waters. Nolan says he’s still figuring out who he is on his own but that he loves spending time with her. 

At the hospital, Nolan runs into Grace who reveals she and her husband have been separated for a year but she still wears the ring so she doesn’t have to answer too many questions. Nolan says he understands and if she needs to talk, he’s there for her. Grace says she might take him up on that. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Grey: Is there a problem, Smitty?
Smitty: Oh no, sir. I just love playing Whack-a-mole.
Grey: It’s true. Knockdown a problem spot it can pop back up anywhere but that’s the job, right? And since you’re so excited about doing it, I think you should share your excitement with Officer West out there today.
Smitty: Seriously?
West: Seriously?
Grey: Yeah, seriously.

I was married for 20 years. Nothing usually means a whole lot of something.