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Jackson catches his landlord selling drugs and arrests him. Since his apartment building is now being seized he needs to find a new home, fast. 

Detective Nick Armstrong is a night general detective who has just transferred over to precinct. He’s asked for a uniformed officer to show him around and Nolan has been assigned to him. 

Bradford and Chen get called to a home where the two grown sons shoot one another in order to test out the bullet proof vests they bought on the internet. One of the vest doesn’t work. 

While responding to a call at the hospital, Nolan runs into Grace. They went to college together. Now she’s the Head of Emergency Medicine. It’s obvious from Grace’s reaction they had a bad breakup. Later, Nolan confides in Nick that while in college, he and Sarah hit a rough patch and broke up. He and Grace had been friends and jumped into a very hot relationship. A few weeks later, Sarah told him she was eight weeks pregnant. He still loved Sarah and immediately went back to her, got married, dropped out of school and took a job in construction. 

Nick asks if Nolan would consider getting together with Grace now. Nolan says he’s involved with someone and Grace was wearing a wedding ring. He’d never do that. Nick confirms that that is the right answer. 

When Grace is obviously uncomfortable around Nolan, she reminds him that she thought they were in love and he broke up with her in a note. She was crushed. Nolan apologizes. He doesn’t regret marrying Sarah and he’s loved being Henry’s dad, but Grace deserved better from him. The reason he broke up with her in a note was because he wasn’t sure he could go through with it if he saw her again. She accepts his apology. 

Officer Smitty shows Jackson a secret. Several officers live in RVs at the West Gate parking lot. He’s offering a space to Jackson. $400 a month. Jackson considers it but Lopez says it’s the wrong move. Chen offers to let Jackson be her roommate and he gratefully accepts. 

Nolan and Armstrong respond to a home invasion where Jeff, the 17-year-old son is killed while the parents, Matt and Marilyn Christian were assaulted and tied up. Turns out, Jeff was in rehab for an Oxy addiction. They find pills in Jeff’s bedroom and they think whoever killed him also stole his stash. 

Bruno Winch,  dealer Jeff met while in rehab, is found almost beaten to death with a baseball bat. He’s in a coma. Nick and Nolan realize that the parents never mentioned Jeff being in rehab. They reinterview the father and put a tracker on his car. Matt then tracks down Tony Craig, Bruno’s accomplice. When Nick and Nolan arrive, Matt has buried Tony in liquid cement and is about to kill himself. Nolan tries to talk Matt out of it but has to leave him to save Tony. At that moment, Matt jumps from a truck with a noose around his neck and hangs himself. 

Bradford and Chen run into Rex, a fugitive recovery agent and a retired cop who knows Bradford. Rex gives Chen a hard time because he doesn’t like to play by the rules. Rex is watching a house for a fugitive and confides in Bradford that he really needs the money from this bounty. Later, Rex is found beaten up by the fugitive. Bradford and Chen track down the fugitive, arrest him and give Rex credit so he can still collect the bounty. 

When Bradford has a new book assignment for his Sargent’s exam, Chen realizes that he learns through hearing more than through reading. It turns out that in the academy, Isabel read most of the literature to him. Since this book is from the 1960s, there is no audio version, so Chen records her own audio version and gives it to Bradford so that he can study. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I am not going to lie, the change to short sleeves has been life-altering.


Grey: You ever heard of a Night General?
Nolan: No, Sir.
Grey: Night general detectives. They respond to any crime scene after normal business hours. They work the case until it’s assigned. They have to be a master at everything because they see everything.
Nolan: Sound impressive.
Grey: It is and most of them got the attitude to go with it.