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Officer Nolan meets his new training officer, Detective Nyla Harper and it doesn’t go well. She’s a detective who has worked a dangerous undercover operation for four years and claims she has a golden ticket that meant she could choose any assignment in the LAPD. She tells Nolan she doesn’t get out of her patrol car for anything less than a felony. 


Nyla and Nolan pull over a stolen Maserati with four men. When Nyla chases one man and he accuses her of pushing him off a parking garage and breaking his arm, Nolan worries it’s true and considers going to Sgt. Grey. Later, the body cam footage shows that the suspect jumped. 


Grey tells Nolan that he doesn’t know why Nyla chose this assignment but he put her with Nolan because he felt Nolan stood a better chance with her than some 25-year-old recruit. 


When Nyla sees Corkscrew, a weapons dealer on the street, she’s able to get close to him by using one of her undercover personas and she and Nolan get his cell phone number.


The squad is able to track Corkscrew and arrest him doing a deal but Nyla is furious when his supplier, Osito gets away. When Nolan spots Osito, Nyla insists on following him but Nolan calls for backup. Nolan is shot in his vest but is okay ad Osito and his crew are arrested. Grey reprimands Nyla and makes her apologize to Nolan. Nolan says what he really wants is to find out why she wants this assignment but she won’t tell him. 


Nyla watches her ex drop off their daughter at school. Nyla has been gone for four years and owes back child support but she’s getting a bump in pay as a training officer and she’ll be working regular hours now that she’s back in uniform. She tells her ex she’ll be filing for joint custody soon. 


Bradford finds out it’s Rachel’s birthday and tries to figure out what to get her but everything he would have done for Isabel won’t work for Rachel. With some help from Chen, he tries to get Rachel something more personal. Remembering that she said she shared a love of airplanes with her grandfather loved, he gets her a model kit and offers to do it together. Rachel loves it. 


Officers Lopez and West stop a couple of teenagers who are attacking a homeless woman with high powered paint ball guns. The woman is Alice, and she hit a young woman ten years ago with her car and left her paralyzed. Lopez and West have to arrest her. The victim who is in a wheelchair is furious that Lopez seems to have sympathy for this woman. 


When Lopez goes to apologize, she confesses that when she was a teenager she got into a fight with her boyfriend who took off, got into a car accident and was killed. For a long time afterward she was in a dark place which helped her relate to Alice. The victim says that despite her paralysis, she’s had an amazing life since her accident and decides to talk to the DA about Alice getting treatment instead of going to prison. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nolan: Why the game?
Nyla: Because I wanted to see if you could play.

Nyla: Wife left you. Kid left you. Nothing like a gun in hand to make you feel powerful again.
Nolan: No, that’s not why at all.