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  • Wesley tells John that he can't keep dating Bailey if she's a convicted felon. John takes off vacation days to find a way to clear Bailey's name and he and Bailey meet up with Oscar for help. 
  • Thorsen's mother Yvonne visits and wants him to do a documentary on his wrongful conviction.
  • Angela gets called to a murder. 
  • Lucy is determined to help the young teen. the woman in the robbery didn't die, so Lucy wants to appeal to Sanford that he charge the kid as a teen rather than an adult, but he refuses. 
  • James has to meet with Curtis Jones the drug dealer to convince him to lay off of the teen, but he doesn't want Harper's help because when word gets out that he's dating a cop, it can affect his relationship with the community.
  • Lucy has to tell Tamara that her friend is Angela's murder victim.
  • John and Bailey talk to Oliver and they figure out that Jason is using women interested in him to bankroll everythnig.
  • Harper and Thorsen stake out James' meeting with Curtis. But they end up catching a kid stealing and have to chae after him. 
  • Becca, the vic, was hooking up with some guys as part of an app where they met up with guys and possibly slept with them for a place to stay.
  • Bailey and John talk to the woman who Jason is currently seeing and get information about him that they need.
  • When Harper gets stitches at the hospital after the chase she finds out that she's six-weeks pregnant
  • Jason comes back when they were taling to the girlfriend and threatens to have John's badge. His gf kicks him out 
  • Harper tells Thorsen that she's pregnant.
  • They interview the guy that Becca had sex with and find out that she had a watch she stole from him.
  • Thorsen's mom sends him an emergency text. 
  • Harper tells James that she's pregannt when he's about to argue with her about her not respecting his wishes.
  • John talks to Oliver about the next steps and he tells him Jason will turn himself in becuse people are after him and he has nowhere else to go. John looks up to see that's what Jason is doing.
  • Jason turns himself in and makes a deal with the ADA and agrees to everything. He gets 18 months. 
  • Chenford realize that Declan, the friend Tamara is currently with, is the one who sold the watch to the pawn shop.  
  • He confesses to killing Becca by accident.
  • Oscar made a deal with a contact, he ratted out Jason as someone working with the cops and now they'll be trying t okill him. A shootout happens at the op
  • Jason takes off with the money, but Nolan tracks him down. 
  • Chris gets the deal for the teen in need
  • Thorsen tells his mother he'll do the documtentary
  • James apologizes for how he handled things. 
  • Everything is well with Bailey and Nolan.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Harper: I'm pregnant.
James: I can't tell if you're joking.
Harper: I'm not. I just found out.

Don't take it personally. She might just have a hard time opening up to you., but I'm sure Tamara will share when she's ready to.