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  • They find a severed hand that washed up on the beach.
  • They also find a person with a severed hand at the hospital.
  • Someone used the hand to get into some security company.
  • Grey teams up with Romero to find an international fugitive.
  • Angela and Wesley are trying to get their baby in an elite school.
  • Nolan won the representative position People line up to speak with him and he comes up with some new ideas, but Briggs, the union rep president is not pleased with some of Nolan's measures and pledges to make his time as union rep hell.
  • they track down the man who is stealing body parts and reanimating them and so forth. Bradford and Chen manage to arrest him when he hoslds people hostage at the morgue.
  • Harper is super emotoinal and it's bothering everyone.
  • Grey realizes that Romero is a dirty cop and intends to kill Kai before he tells everyone that Romero is dirty. Except Grey sets Romero up and Kai tells the truth anyway. They arrest Romero.
  • Bradford, Chen, and their dates  go on a double date and things get akward when Lucy and Tm are too close at the expense of their dtes. Ashley getes upset with how dismissive tim is with her interests.
  • tim apologizes later and Chen and Chris go on a new first date to make up for that one.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

It's not good to work all of the time. You need to enjoy life more.


Sorry I'm late. I had to yell at my husband.