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Angela and Harper get news that Blanca's case could be part of a serial killer envestiagtion where others like her have been missing and dead.

Celina and Nolan get a call to a home where a youn girl, Olivia, goes missing the same as Blanca, and they jump into the belief that the casees are connected and it's by the same person who killed Blanca.

Celina's mentor, a cop who inspired her to be a cop, Chambers, shows up at the scene and wants to disregard protocol and insert himself into the investiagtion. It raises some suspicions for Nolan who tells Angela and Nyla. They look into it.

Nyla decides that Joel is looking good as the possible killer but they have to be careful how to proceed with things since he's a cop and knows how they handle things.

They let him go, but Metro follows them and Joel passes off a bag with something and switches cars, gets on a motorcycle and loses his teail. He knows he's being followed.

They get a lead that a secual predaotr in the neighborhod could be the person and they find Olivia's teddy bear there, but he's been set up.

They find the house wehre Joel is holding Olivia, after Celina comes around to the fact that her mentor is the killer when she finds out that her mother met Joel before when he found her high and let her off the hook.

Celina talks Joel into letting Olivia go and saves her. Joel has death by cop making Tim shoot him.

Tim seems affected by the shooting and is already drained from his long hours and shifts with Metro that has him away from Lucy a lot.

Lucy tells him that she wants to try out for detective, but Smitty tells her that another dtective has it out for her and could prevent her from making it. Shee finds out someone is holding a grudge beause of her orchestrating that plan to get Tim into Metro.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Nolan: He had a daughter he lost custody of when she was six years old.
Harper: Same as the missing girls.
Nolan: And today is his daughter's birthday.

Thorsen: I never expected a police station to be so much like high school.
Lucy: I know, except now I'm one of the cool kids.