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  • Tim adjusts to his new gig as liaison to the court.
  • They have to deal with blackouts and extreme heat for the day, so it's going to be a hectic day.
  • Celina is riding with Grey for the day so he can see if she's retaining everything that she's supposed to known
  • Lucy can tell that Tim is bored out of his mind in his new gig and it bothers her.
  • Celina and Grey stop some guys from looting a store of tvs
  • The generator stops working at the station and when Thorsen and Nolan check, they find two men impersonating police messing with the generator. They were trying to break out their friend.
  • Lucy gets called to a suspicious smell in a storage facility and finds blood in there and a body.
  • Lucy gets advice from Harper on how to get Tim into a different position
  • Angela has a metro case she's working on
  • Nolan and Thorsen are with Angela and Metro for a big gun bust.
  • A guy pulls a gun out on Angela while she's undercover making a deal and the blackouts have them losing visuals.
  • Celina needs a checkin for her shut in mother who lost power. She checks in on her mother and her mother's birds. She won't leave because she's been in the house stuck for years.
  • Nolan tries to have a nice night in with Bailey, but then Nyla, her baby, and james come over because they lost power and the baby needs cool air. Angela and Wesley follow with their son. Lucy comes in too.
  • Lucy elicits everyone else to help her with switching around everyone's jobs so Tim can get a better position.
  • Tim stops by too.
  • They pressure Knuckles to see what he can give them and who he can turn on, and he chooses a fentanyl distributor.
  • Lucy tries to talk Shmitty into convincing another cop to retire to get her plan to get Tim in a new position to work.
  • grey' tells Celina to learn to ask for help.  that was her lesson.
  • Celina calls the shots when they get to the fentanyl dealer Angela got intel on.
  • There's a kid in the house so they have to reevalute how to handle the situation now.
  • They hit the suspect's car and sound off the alarm. It's a diversion while Grey and Celina enter the premise and Celina grabs the girl and Grey fights it out with a suspect making drugs.
  • Celina gets trapped in the athroom with the girl as the fumes from the drugs come in
  • Nolan finds Celina passed out and not breathing in the bathroom. They have to give her Narcan
  • Tim gets the job in Metro.
  • Lucy has to clean out Smitty's trailer as payment for helping with the Tim thing.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

It's a right to bear arms, not sell them.


Nyla: Did you check your text?
Nolan: I didn't.
Nyla: Our power is out, and it is too hot for Leah to sleep.