Making It Home - The Rookie
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  • Grey and Luna are in NYC visiting their daughter and Grey can't get out of cop mode.
  • Nolan helps Tim's sister with getting the house together and learns that her bracelet is missing.
  • Bradford is acting watch commander while Grey is away.
  • Lucy is still trying to figure out how to break up with Chris.
  • Nolan and Celina happen across a robbery. Celina gives chase and the suspect beats her up but she finally takes him down.
  • Grey and Luna are waiting for Dominque, but she still hasn't shown up. They go to her dorm room and her roommate Marta says that she switched majors and hasn't seen her in half a day.
  • Thorsen helps Lucy plan on how to break up with Chris, which he's ecstatic about.
  • Nolan finds out that Ginny's son threw the charm bracelet away
  • Celina and Nolan have to take the robber to the hospital to get checked out before taking him to holidng where another inmate attacks him and starts a full brawl that includes prisoners beating up Celina and Nolan too.
  • Luna and Grey head to a church where Dominque is supposed to be. It's an immersive event where Dominque is supposed to work but she didn't show up.
  • Nolan and Celina get checked out at the hospital when Bradford arrives with the robber. They have to work on the man and try to revive him, but he's dead.
  • Protocol dictates that Celina goes on admin leave and risks a murder charge because the death would techinally be considered on their watch
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