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  • Celina is still staying with Nolan and Bailey and says that their house is haunted.
  • Chris tells Lucy they should move in together and she agrees to look at listings.
  • Aaron is shadowing Harper and Lopez so Lucy is back on duty with Tim and things are awkward.
  • Nolan and Celina try to pull over a woman who can't stop because she has a bomb around her neck, and she says someone told her she would die.
  • They get the bomb squad involved and look into her past. She's a lawyer
  • They try to stop it and Nolan talks to Pam but the bomb explodes.
  • Chen and Bradfprd talk about her relationship with chris and why she's not feeling it.
  • There's a second bomb and then a third one at a company where a man is tryihng to blow it up
  • Celina saves Nolan while on the job. He thanks her for it.
  • Thorsen has a productive day with Harper and Lopez.
  • Thorsen doesn't solve his fake case that the ladies give him.
  • Wesley took the baby to get his vaccinations.
  • BRadford calls Chen out on being afraid with her relationshp with Chris and lays it all out on the line. He asks her out and she says yes to it.
The Rookie
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