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  • Wesley is nervous about his deposition in the Elijah case and he learns that his ex-fiancee is the person who is representing Elijah.
  • Celina is sleep-deprived which is impacting her on the job.
  • Thorsen almost lets it slip that Ashley broke up with Tim to Lucy and he tries to get tim to talk about it.
  • Nolan and Bailey are planning their wedding.
  • A bank flags the use of case that's involved in a police investigation and they later find burnt cash.
  • Bradford leaves his radio when he's helping a woman load her truck and the lady gives it to Lucy who finds the whole thing hilarious an dcan't wait to rub it in his face.
  • Lucy pranks Tim sending him on a scavenger hunt for his radio.
  • they work with a DEA agent with this burnt money case. they find a dead body. Get a lead on Winslow.
  • Bradford realizes that Chen was the one who has his radio.
  • Monica, Wesley's ex, gets under his skin during the deposition.
  • Harper finally realizes that her daughter's friend can't come over because her parents are bigoted.
  • WEsley grabs drinks with Monica and tries to warn her about Elijah. Angela shows up and Monica leaves. Wesley tells Angela who Monica is and that they were engaged before he cheated on her.
  • Celina shows up at aNolan's pladce and while him and Bailey bicker over how to help her sleep, she falls asleep. She crashes at their place and has a dream and it gives her a lead after they help her interpret it.
  • Del Monte drops the case against Elijah after it's clear that they don't have a strong enough one and says theyll rethink things with Wesley's job.
  • Bradford tells Lucy about Ashley breaking up with him and how he appreciated the gag.
  • Elijah threatens Wesley.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Looks like somebody had money to burn.... I'm very tired.


Wesley: I would never cheat on you.
Angela: I know because you're afraid of me.
Wesley: Because I'm in love with you.