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  • Elijah has someone serve Angela, Wesley, and Grey because he's filing a civil suit and also wants access to all their files.
  • Lopez and Harper need Chen to infiltrate a girl's gang to get a confession for their case.
  • Thorsen and Bradford respond to a domestic all where a mother wants them to talk to her son and Thorsen takes the lead and gets through to the kid. He gives him his number and Bradford teases him for having a puppy.
  • Nolan and Celina see a woman shoot a man through the car window and realize that the man was already dead. She shot a corpse. The man was previously stabbed.
  • They approach the boy that Thorsen and Bradford helped because his sister Shanna is the one who is involved with the women's gang that Harper and Lopez are trying to get informaton about and they plan to use him and Lucy to get in with the gang as an angle.
  • They try to figure out why two different people wanted the doctor died. The woman who shot him said he got her relative hooked on opiods until his death.
  • Lucy brings Tabin to his sister which helps get her in. A scufflle breaks out and Shanna tries to get Tabin to take a gun, but he refuses. Thorsen is on age and challenges Bradford for doing things for the wrong reason. They pick Tabin up and take him home afterward.
  • Bailey feels like she's off while at Nolan's and they come up with  her needing to make his place more her own.
  • Lucy learns that Tabin's sister is the one who killed the person they were looking for. She tells Bradford and Thorsen while they're also monitoring Tabin.
  • His sistser shows up to give him the gun she used to kill the person, and they roll up on her to arrest her. But it gets chaotic when they have to shout at Tabin to drop the weapon. Lucy ends up blowing her cover.
  • Wesley gives a public apology owning to mistakes and such during a press conference to Elijah.
  • they find out the wife killed the doctor when she poisoned him first.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Lucy got a puppy over a year ago, now she's living with her.


Harper: They're a real threat.
Lucy: Well, so am I.