When a new comic book store, "Coolsville Comics & Toys" owned by a friendlier owner named Milo opens up directly across the street from Comic Book Guy's store, Comic Book Guy competes for his customers. When he finally gives up, he sells the Android's Dungeon to Marge, who opens up her own women-only workout center called Shapes. Marge becomes rich and famous, which promps a self-conscious Homer to get stomach staples. Still feeling useless, he goes to get plastic surgery.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 19 Episode 7 Quotes

(Comic Book Guy is destroying Coolsville.)
Art Spiegelman: Oh, no! The store's in trouble!
Alan Moore: League of Extraordinary Freelancers, activate!
(Art Spiegelman puts on a Maus mask.)
Art Spiegelman: Maus is in the house!

(Homer explaining his surgery to Bart and Lisa)
Homer: Kids, daddy underwent a special procedure so he can be more attractive to your mother.
Bart: You had your hot dog plumped?
Homer: No! I had my stomach stapled!