After touring neighboring town Guidopolis, Homer ends up having his car towed by a tow truck driver named Louie, who introduces Homer to the joy of towing cars for a living. However, after going "tow crazy", the residents of Springfield plot a revenge. Meanwhile, Marge begins to feel Maggie is getting too clingy and hires a counselor. The method works too well, leaving Maggie with no need for Marge at all, causing a depressed Marge to bond with a sack of potatoes.

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The Simpsons Season 19 Episode 3 Quotes

Carl: It sure is nice not having Homer around to tell us where we can and can't park.
Lenny: Yeah. Without the crushing rule of law, society will do a better job of regulating itself.

When you married a man who would years later, without warning, become a tow-truck driver, you knew what the deal would eventually be.