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After instigating the theft of office supplies at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer is the only employee not busted with the stolen items and is rewarded while his coworkers are punished. Shortly after, Homer begins wetting the bed. Although he apologizes to his fellow employees to clear his karma, the bed-wetting continues. To resolve his issue, the Simpson family enters his dreams, Inception-style, and discovers that his guilt over a unsuccessful fishing trip with his father still haunts him. Believing, in error, that this incident caused his mother to leave led to his bed-wetting. The family awakes from four levels of dreams to find Homer is cured.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 23 Episode 16 Quotes

Dream Apu: Homer, you do not yet understand the meaning of karma
Homer: But isn't karma just an expression of the dharma?
Dream Apu: That is beside the point, ok?

Lighten up, Marge. I take you to the Disneyland of me and you just want to go to the lost and found.