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In this double-episode finale, Homer, Lenny, Carl and Moe win $200,000 in the Springfield Lottery. Unfortunately, Carl steals the winnings and returns home. The guys find out Carl is actually from Iceland, and he stole the money to redeem his family from a terrible legacy. The Carlsons are known for failing to keep the barbarian invaders from raiding the island, but Carl has purchased an extra page of the saga that should tell the whole story. He claims that he and the guys aren't really friends because they know nothing about him. The guys steal the saga page and learn that the Carlsons actually joined the invaders and betrayed their people. However, they end up getting the people of Iceland to accept the Carlsons because they really do think of Carl as a friend.

The second installment involves Marge and Homer's anniversary. After mistaking a dating website for a Dolly Madison site, Marge sets up a profile that captures the interest of a married man named Ben (voiced by Seth MacFarlane). They begin flirting after Marge believes that Homer has forgotten their anniversary. When the end up accidentally meeting in public, Marge is delighted to find out that they share a similar passion for Upton Rectory, a PBS costume-drama. The two watch the season finale via Skype together, and Marge is tempted to meet him again. However, she remains loyal to Homer who surprises her with fixed-up kiddie train set from their first anniversary.

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Just call me Borders Books cause I'll always be here.


Accidental motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman.