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Homer spoils a romantic lunch with Marge by being unable to carry on a conversation with his wife. He attempts to make things right, but Marge is fed up with all of his apologies and lack of follow through on any of his promises. Eventually, Homer tries to spice up their love life, and while he fails to impress Marge, she is impressed by his unwillingness to give up. Meanwhile, Milhouse learns a valuable learns after watching A Streetcar Named Desire: Chicks dig Brando. He begins acting like a jerk to Lisa, and, surprisingly, Lisa responds favorably to his attitude. However, Milhouse feels bad for treating her so poorly and ends up finding a happy medium between pleasing her and acting mean.

The Simpsons
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The Simpsons Season 24 Episode 17 Quotes

Waiter: I hope you are enjoying your sushi.
Marge: It's as yummy as your poorly produced local commercial says.

The most romantic part of this was the hold music when I made the reservation.