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The Simpsons take a trip to Dizneeland amusement park. Homer decides to write down where they parked, which is the Ethnic Princess lot, but only writes down "parking lot." 

The first ride the family goes on is a bug ride for Maggie. Bart tries to escape but ends up starting the ride over. Bart finds a ride that isn't on the map and has no line. The ride turns out to be a spaceship and they are abducted by Kang and Kodos. 

Homer attempts to float around in the no gravity and catch potato chips, but Bart gets to them all first. 

Kang and Kodos give the family the grand tour of the planet and tells them they will never leave. They are put on display in a glass exhibit.

They're told that the aliens must eat one of them, but that they can choose which one of them it will be. Marge says they'll put it to a vote and everyone picks Homer.

Homer is saved by a group called the resistance. Homer explains his culture to the rebels who say they will get him back to Earth, but the ship they have is only built for one. Homer tells them he's going back for his family. 

It turns out that due to poor diet, the family is full of toxins and can't be eaten by the aliens, so they are sent home. 


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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 10 Quotes

Homer: Look at all these knobs and buttons. They're clearly a superior race. Maybe that means they'll be nice to us.
Lisa: You mean like Europeans were to the Native Americans or the Belgians were to The Congo?
Homer: That's right, pick the only two times in history where things got messy.

They revamped this ride because of massive complaints from two people.