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In a darkened tunnel, Eichhorst and Bolivar discuss the Master's upcoming "glorious transformation."

"Who will he chose?" Bolivar inquires. "That is for him to decide. When he does, all his followers must embrace his wisdom and continue to serve him faithfully" Eichhorst informs him.

Elsewhere, Kelly bonds with her new family. She embraces each of the Feelers, but one unfortunate creature gets her neck snapped.

Back at the lab, Eph and Nora care for the McGeevers, who are going through the strigoi metamorphosis. The doctors soon inform their patients they are dying and would like them to volunteer for their clinical trials. Once the couple understood their reanimated corpse would hunt their son, they agree to participate.

Fet checks in on Setrakian, who is working desperately to discover any trace of the Occido Lumen in his note books. Via flashback to Vienna 1965, we learn that it was none other than Eldritch Palmer who sent Abraham on his quest for Sardu's cane and the Lumen.

At City Hall, Councilwoman Justine Feraldo demands to know what action the CDC is taking to eliminate the strigoi threat. Naturally, Dr. Barnes is only full of excuses. The Councilwoman informs everyone present she is taking matters into hero own hands in Staten Island.

Coco accepts Palmer's job offer and he asks her to write a speech for an event.

Meanwhile, Fet and Dutch break into a nearby gym and begin to clear out munchers. Their battle culminates in a sexy skinny-dip.

In 1965, young Abraham tracks Sardu's cane to a pawn shop. The owner is a Nazi doctor that tortured his people. A chase ensues and Setrakian ends up picking up the cane Steiner dropped. He presents this to Palmer, who sends him to find the Lumen.

That evening, Eichhorst appears at Steiner's to pick up the cane. The ex-Nazi explains the situation and Eichhorst offers to bring him into the fold.

In the present, Palmer and Setrakian come face to face. Abraham questions him about the Lumen and realizes Palmer doesn't know its whereabouts. Fet stages a distraction and escapes the building with Setrakian.

Zack questions his father's methods regarding the McGeevers, upsetting Eph. However, a little later Nora declares "I think we have a winner, it's multiplying." The doctors have discovered a virus that attacks the strigoi cerebral spinal fluid.

They cross their fingers and test the virus on Mrs. McGeever. Will the experiment work?

Kelly walks out of her old family home with Zack's clothing. The Feelers sniff it and scurry off.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Palmer: Have you heard of a Polish nobleman by the name of Jusef Sardu?
Setrakian: According to legend he was attacked by a vampire while on a hunting trip in 1873.
Palmer: Correct and he was said to have carried a cane.
Setrakian: With a wolf's head handle made of white gold; silver blade.
Palmer: Its been missing for decades, but my sources tell me that it may have recently resurfaced here in Vienna.
Setrakian: That is the first I've heard of this. Well is it true?
Palmer: That's what I need you to find out.
Setrakian: I'll see what I can turn up.

Nora: When are we going to tell them?
Eph: In a couple of hours, when they wake up.
Nora: You mean when they're too sick to put up a fight?
Eph: They're infected, does it matter?