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Bolivar is confronted by two police officers in an alleyway. One handcuffs him, while the other snatches his duffel bag and discovers it's full of loam. Though the former rock star warns the cop not to touch it, bloodworms soon bury themselves in his hands.

The other officer runs to his car, but Bolivar summons a pack of strigoi. The creatures have themselves a nice meal.

At the laboratory, Eph and Nora monitor Pauline's progress. It doesn't take long for the strigoi to die. Nora plans to modify their virus some more until the infected strigoi is able to carry the disease back to the nest.

Setrakian goes out for a walk and runs into a strigoi. He beheads it and collects several spoonfuls of bloodworms and goo.

Gus is seen hunting strigoi as well, only it turns out to be a training exercise. Tired of Vaun's tests, Gus demands answers. "We are about to embark on a most important mission" Vaun tells him. The plan is to kidnap Palmer.

Eph returns to Fet's loft only to realize Zack is missing. Luckily, he didn't wander far and his father stops a bus forcing him to get down.

When the group returns, Fet checks on Setrakian but the grouchy old man just wants to be left alone. He creates a solution from the bloodworms and uses an eyedropper to apply a few drops. The next morning, Nora discovers the old man lying on the floor.

After attempting to brush her off, Setrakian confesses "I've never confided this to anyone. I consume the worms to maintain my health."

Fitzwilliam boards a ferry to Staten Island to visit his brother. The two discuss Councilwoman Feraldo's accomplishments.

Eichhorst informs Palmer that Bolivar will be watching over things. Palmer is irritated, but too busy flirting with Coco to worry about it.

Eph has a conversation with the Master via new strigoi Mr. McGeever. "You planning on sending my vampire wife after my boy? Here's the deal, Master. I will kill him and then I'll kill myself before I let you turn us into anything like you" Eph warns.

Gus enters the Stoneheart Building posing as an elevator technician. Vaun and his squad follow closely behind.

Palmer is quickly advised by his security team about the invaders. He approaches a keypad and activates a UV security system. The strigoi are forced into the center of the room and the floor drops out from beneath them. While they burn, Vaun tells Gus to run.

Eph and Nora's bio-weapon appears to be working. "There's less swelling, but he's fully infected. I don't think he's dying" Nora says. She asks about testing transmission and Eph tells her they're cutting Mr. McGeever free that night.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Nora: Suddenly you're healthy?
Setrakian: Yes, so therefore you needn't concern yourself anymore.
Nora: I was the first to believe in you; to trust you. To bring you with us. And I just saved your life.
Setrakian: You might be more disappointed in me if I told you the truth.
Nora: I don't care. You won't treat me like this. I'm your friend.
Setrakian: Alright, but you must promise not to tell anyone, including Ephraim.
Nora: You have my word.
Setrakian: I've never confided this to anyone. I consume the worms to maintain my health.

Vaun: Excellent!
Gus: This is bullshit. Why you got me running around here like an asshole?
Vaun: We are about to embark on a most important mission.
Gus: Is that why you give me a gun with only two bullets?
Vaun: You should have checked the magazine.
Gus: I should have checked my sanity to ever team up with a guy like you. Now you're gonna tell me about this big mission and why I'm so important or I'm outta here.
Vaun: We're gonna kidnap Eldritch Palmer.