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A viewer fast-forwards through a black and white film titled "Angel Contra El Vampiro Maldito."

In this horror B-movie, the protagonist is a wrestler named The Silver Angel. As the film progresses, it's clear the actor sustained an injury to his knee. The man watching the film is called back to work and as he limps away, we realize he's Angel.

In Brooklyn, Eph, Nora and Vasiliy prepare to release the infected Mr. McGeever into the wild. The creature does not behave as expected, so the group follows him to a psychiatric care center. There they learn the McGeever's son was schizophrenic. They ultimately find McGeever nesting with several other strigoi. "Now he infects the others by direct contact" Eph tells Fet.

Meanwhile in Harlem, Gus wanders into the Indian restaurant where Angel works. The former wrestler behaves quite rudely, pegging Gus for a trouble-making gangbanger. A young woman steps in and diffuses the situation offering Gus a table and menu.

After lunch, Gus returns to his old apartment and comes face to face with his infected mother. The Master speaks through Guadalupe and taunts Gus. "Augustin Elizalde you failed. The Ancients are the past. I am the future" the monster tells him. Gus leaves still unable to release her.

Dutch suggests she and Setrakian seek out Mr. Fitzwilliam in Staten Island. The old man agrees it's a good idea. Though a bit reluctant, Reggie offers details about the Lumen. He tells Setrakian that Palmer gave up the search when he learned the book may have never existed at all. Setrakian leaves him a business card confident that Reggie will come around.

In a flashback to 1966, Reggie and Curtis' father wheels Palmer into Professor Setrakian's office. The pair hunt for the Occido Lumen at a nearby nunnery. When Abraham rushes off to save a young boy from strigoi, Palmer is visited by Eichhorst. The Master's lieutenant promises to share all the secrets of eternity with him, and when Setrakian returns his benefactor simply wants to go home.

Nora recommends Eph take Zack out for a while. They end up at a batting cage, but memories of his mother continue to haunt the boy. 

Palmer gathers New York's top financial players at the Federal Reserve Bank. Unfortunately, though he presents himself as an ally, strigoi ambush the group while Palmer watches intently from his car. Bolivar and Palmer exchange a glance as the former rock star feeds.

When Gus returns to the Tandoori Palace, he's once again mistreated by Angel who ultimately throws him out. In the alley behind the restaurant, Gus confronts Angel and recognizes his stance as that of The Silver Angel. The man does his best to deny it.

Eph and Nora return to the nest, but discover the strigoi have cleared out. They decide to hunt them down, while Fet makes his way underground and blows up the entrance to one of the subway tunnels. Councilwoman Feraldo's night watch overpowers, and apprehends him.

It isn't long before Mr. McGeever is found dying of the disease. Eph releases him, then he and Nora witness several strigoi jumping to their deaths off a rooftop. "It works" Eph declares feeling satisfied. His plan is to mass produce their bio-weapon as fast as possible.

Kelly and her Feelers catch Zack's scent at the batting cage. "Zack is near" she says.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Guadalupe/The Master: You failed.
Gus: What?
Guadalupe/The Master: Augustin Elizalde you failed.
Gus: I know who you are.
Guadalupe/The Master: The Ancients are the past. I am the future.

Vasiliy: There, he's down. Now what?
Eph: Now he infects the others by direct contact and then we wait for sundown, just like them.