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A seafood truck pulls up in a nondescript alleyway. The driver opens the rear door and out comes the mysterious new strigoi with the bone handle sword. The interesting thing is, it's daylight and the creature removes his hood without incident.

In Washington D.C., Eph is reunited with his old friend Robert Bradley. The good doctor tells his pal he's Jonathan Crowley now. Eph informs Robert that he's created a bio-weapon to fight the strigoi. "See those cysts? I did that. I found a way to kill these things" Eph says. Robert is more than willing to help and makes a few phone calls.

The two meet with Leigh Thomas, who informs them Everett Barnes fell from his train and died. Leigh is impressed with Eph's work and agrees to pitch the bio-weapon to her pharmaceutical company.

Back at Fet's place, Fitzwilliam meets the rest of the team. Zack and Nora have a heart to heart and he asks her if she's okay. Nora is touched.

At the Tandoori Palace, Gus continues to insist Angel is the Silver Angel. Fed up, Angel admits to being the famous wrestler so Gus will shut up. Aanya takes Gus downstairs and shows him Angel's old movie collection. The two realize Gus' hunch is correct. Aanya's father asks her to deliver a take out meal. Both Gus and Angel insist on accompanying her. At the apartment complex several strigoi attack and Gus fights them off impressing the Silver Angel.

Fitzwilliam shares some of Palmer's plans with the team. Setrakian wonders what's driving the old man. "Palmer's been on the precipice of death for 50 years. Some people might make peace with that, but Palmer... he made a bargain instead" Fitzwilliam tells them. "Wait, are you saying that he started an apocalypse to become a muncher?" Fet asks.

Eph and Rob share the story of how they met. Suddenly Robert excuses himself, leaving Eph and Leigh to get better acquainted. Leigh gets word that a meeting has been set and the two celebrate by hopping in the sack together. The next morning, Leigh insists Eph sign a "non-disclosure agreement," which in reality is a waiver signing his rights to the virus away. Eph is desperate enough to sign.

Quinlan meets with the ancients and tells them they've grown complacent. Though he trained Vaun and his team, their failure brought him to New York. Mr. Q promises to stop the Master on his own terms, but he requires human hunters.

Palmer tells Eichhorst the ancients attempted to kidnap or kill him. To which Eichhorst responds, "We saw that you were quite efficient with your UV laser trap." There is mistrust on both sides apparently. Though Palmer demands to see the Master, Eichhorst denies his request.

Leigh's boss agrees to run some tests, which is good news. The Chief of the National Guard is also impressed with Eph's plan and agrees to help.

On the ride back to Fet's place, Nora and Zack are attacked by Kelly's Feelers. They chase them to a nearby church. Nora manages to call Setrakian for help and her friends rush to her aid. Luckily Nora and Zack dodge Kelly long enough for her team to arrive guns blazing. They take out the Feelers, but unfortunately Fitzwilliam is stung. Knowing what's coming, he ask Setrakian to release him.

When Eph and Leigh return to Robert's home, they find him dead on the floor. A Stoneheart assassin emerges from the shadows and kills Leigh. Though the man shoots Eph, the doctor kills the hired gun and makes a run for it.

Eichhorst leads Bolivar to the Master's resting place. "You will witness something extraordinary. The moment is at hand" Eichhorst tells him. The Master rises from his coffin and while Eichhorst is under the impression he is the chosen one, it's Bolivar that's chosen. The Master transfers his essence via the bloodworms to Bolivar while Eichhorst watches in shock.

"Eichhorst, prove to me no matter what form I take you shall serve me... Kneel" the Master demands. Eichhorst does as he's told and kisses the new Master's hand.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Gus: You could quit with the silent treatment bro. I know it's you. Admit it. A'ight, okay, fine. It's just some crazy coincidence. I mean, your name is Angel and you limp on the same knee that he got hurt on.
Angel: Coincidences happen.
Gus: I agree, but you gotta love those Silver Angel movies, right?
Angel: Garbage. Worthless garbage.
Gus: Hey don't insult the man, he's not here to defend himself.

Robert: Holy shit, what is that?
Eph: See those cysts? I did that. I found a way to kill these things. It's a bio-weapon. It's crude, it needs to be refined but it works.
Robert: What do you need?
Eph: I need to scale it up and I need your access. We need to play politics here. Run it through the labyrinth, except we don't have months we have hours.