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Sitting in front of a mirror, Eichhorst helps Kelly begin to resemble her human self again. "I've studied your photographs. Think I can do you justice" the strigoi tells her.

Eph questions Fet about acquiring a rifle to kill Palmer. Vasiliy points him in the direction of Jimmy Wu, who owns a boat repair place but has other "side businesses." Nora attempts to get some answers about Eph's trip and Barnes' death with no luck.

Palmer wakes with Coco at his side. It isn't long before she begins asking too many questions, including several about Eichhorst. Palmer refuses to discuss it further.

Zack tells his father about a dream he had. In it, Kelly looked so normal and he could almost smell her hair in this dream. "Your mother is dead" Eph reminds his son. Once inside Wu's shop, Eph realizes the man has been shot. His daughter begs them to save her father's life.

Cardinal Macnamara meets with Palmer in an effort to sell the Lumen. "Name a figure that will close the deal right now" Palmer states aggressively. The Cardinal can not close a deal while there are other bidders. Palmer warns him that Setrakian is not a serious player. Eichhorst interrupts the meeting, throwing Palmer off his game.

The old man teases the Master's lieutenant about Bolivar being chosen as the new vessel. Needless to say, Eichhorst is not pleased.

Later, Setrakian and Fet discuss acquiring the Lumen from the Cardinal. Though the man does not take them seriously thanks to Palmer, Setrakian agrees to $750,000 in gold. The duo warn the Cardinal about Palmer, but he brushes them off. In reality, Setrakian's plan is to rob Cardinal Macnamara later that evening.

Eph manages to save Wu's life with Zack's help. Rather than pay him, Wu's daughter gives Eph the rifle he came for in the first place. On the walk back to Fet's place, Zack again insists his dad save Kelly. The Feelers catch the boy's scent.

Elsewhere, Kelly — looking perfectly human again — waits at a checkpoint to enter Red Hook. As an officer approaches with a black light, a strigoi bursts from a van behind her. During the commotion, she manages to escape. Kelly parks her car, opens the trunk and a couple of Feelers spring out.

Gus and Angel insist the Gupta's relocate their business. Understanding the neighborhood is dying, the family agrees. Aanya thanks Gus and the two share a kiss. Suddenly, Quinlan interrupts demanding to speak to Gus.

Quinlan explains his connection to Vaun, and reminds Gus that crossing the Master has cost him his best friend and mother. Realizing there's a pattern, Gus fears for Aanya's life. "You can save her Gus, but the only way is to give her up. Until we slay the Master, that is" Quinlan tells him.

Eichhorst pays Cardinal Macnamara a visit threatening his life over the Lumen. He infects the Cardinal. Once the worms turn him, the Master will know the location of the book. Setrakian and Fet attack the strigoi, but they are too late. Setrakian convinces the man to give up the name of the book's owner and releases him. That's right, it's the boy from the convent in Austria.

Eph and Zack arrive at Fet's place. While he and Nora discuss Zack's denial and what went down in Washington D.C., Kelly knocks at the window. Confused by his mother's appearance, Zack opens the door. The strigoi strike, but Eph and Nora fight them off.

Kelly ultimately escapes into the night, but not before Zack notices her makeup peeling.

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Cardinal Macnamara: There are other interested parties.
Palmer: Who? Is one of them Abraham Setrakian? The man's not a serious player. He's wasting your time.
Cardinal Macnamara: I appreciate the advice.
Palmer: Name a figure that will close the deal right now.
Cardinal Macnamara: I can't. Not as long as there are other bidders.
Palmer: Don't play games with me Paul. You'll regret it.
Eichhorst: I can attest to that.

Now, we mustn't forget the eyes. They are after all, the windows to the soul. See, I was correct, this is the mother our dear Zack cries for in the night.