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Eichhorst hires a ferry to transport him, Kelly and 20 minions into Red Hook.

Kelly is feeling depressed about failing to get Zack, but Eichhorst reassures her they're about to show the humans the extent of their power.

Meanwhile at Fet's place, Zack is being hard on himself for falling for Kelly's trick. Fet secures the premises and says they'll be safe as long as, "No one does anything stupid like open the door" Zack cuts in. Eph and Abraham explain the creature manipulated him, but Zack feels bad.

The group decides to pay Councilwoman Feraldo a visit and explain that strigoi entered Red Hook. First however, Fet goes to see Dutch.

Though Fet attempts to be polite, the tension in the room is thick. Dutch tells him she will think about joining him later on.

Eph, Zack and Setrakian barge into Justine's office to share their story. Meanwhile, Eichhorst and his strigoi dock in Red Hook.

The Master's lieutenant visits the electric substation, and has a worker shut down power to the UV lights at the gate. Justine and her team prepare to defend Red Hook, as several strigoi attack the gate. Of course, they're merely testing the human's defenses. Other creatures begin to gather in the darkness awaiting Eichhorst's command.

Fet and Nora make their way to the substation to turn the lights back on.

In need of more bodies to fight the strigoi, Justine drives through town warning Red Hook's citizens about the attack. Several, including Dutch, follow her to defend the town's checkpoint. Setrakian however, decides to return to Fet's place and face Eichhorst.

Fet, Nora, Eph and Zack fight off several strigoi at the power plant, but one catches sight of the boy. Instantly, Kelly is tuned in to his whereabouts. Nora switches the power back on, as Kelly locates the team. She makes another play for her son. Fet wounds her, and fights her off. She flees.

The UV lights cause the strigoi at the checkpoint to sizzle and burn. The battle is over.

Setrakian prepares to face off against Eichhorst when Eph shows up. The villain decides to ignore the old man and chase after Dr. Goodweather. Eph takes several shots at Eichhorst with no luck. Just when the strigoi corners Eph, Setrakian appears and wounds the creature. He flees.

Justine announces, "People of Red Hook, this day will go down in history as a turning point. As the moment that the people of New York came together and stopped these bastards."

Finally, a win for the good guys!

The Strain
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The Strain Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Eph: Councilwoman Feraldo, I work with Nora Martinez at the CDC.
Kowalski: Hey hey, get his ass out of here.
Eph: I believe you know my son, Zack.
Feraldo: Yes I do.
Eph: His mother, she's turned. She got into Red Hook last night. She attacked us. She was made up like an uninfected person.
Mayor Lyle: I thought you told me Red Hook was secure?
Feraldo: It is.
Setrakian: It is not. They'll attack again, in greater numbers.

Fet: Alright, I checked all the window grates. No loose bolts. Place is secure as long as we don't...
Zack: No one does anything stupid, like open the door.
Eph: That creature manipulated you. It's not your fault.