Meet the Family - The Time Traveler's Wife
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Henry meets Gomez for a beer. Gomez stares at Henry, making him uncomfortable.

Gomez loves having a time-traveling friend, but Henry questions if they're friends. He doesn't think they have much in common, except they both want to have sex with Clare.

Gomez takes offense to that, and they argue.

16-year-old Clare is sketching Henry, only he's naked in the drawing. He jokes about the time he met her family.

Henry and Clare are driving to see her family. Gomez won't stop calling, and Clare tells Henry to talk to him.

When they arrive at the Abshires, Clare's brother Mark is a jerk, and her dad checks out Henry to see if he's good enough for Clare.

When Clare shows them their rooms, Henry sees the meadow through her window and wants to see it.

Clare hesitates since it feels like the meadow was her spot with future Henry. Henry tries to convince her they're the same person.

Clare's sister Alicia walks in on Henry getting ready for dinner. She gives him a hard time, and Clare tells Henry she knows about time travel.

Henry disappears, and Clare sees the sink overflowing and the clothes destroyed while Henry gets beat up.

Gomez saves the day and rescues Henry.

Henry returns but has a difficult time explaining the cuts on his face.

Clare's parents become more judgemental, and Clare tells off her family.

Clare runs to the meadow, ready to let go of the fairytale.

Alicia cuts Henry's wild hair to look like future Henry's hair. He joins her in the meadow, and she tells him how much she loves him.





The Time Traveler's Wife
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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Henry: I just don’t think we have much in common, except apart from the obvious.
Gomez: The obvious?
Henry: The part where we both want to fuck Clare.

You’re a time traveler. You’re the first interesting thing that happened to me. I’m a lawyer. I get paid to prevent interesting things from happening and now look at me. I’m friends with a time traveler.