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Elena and Bonnie were held captive by Anna and Ben this week because they wanted leverage over Stefan (who loves the former) and Damon (who needs the latter) to open the tomb.

But after Damon met with Anna and agreed to work with her in this endeavor, Stefan broke the girls free after Grams conjured up a locator's spell and tracked them down in a hotel room. Now free, the group decided to actually help Damon open the tomb and get out JUST Katherine because, otherwise, he'd never stop being, well... Damon.

The idea was for Stefan to light all the other vampires on fire after Bonnie and Grams used their witching power to open the tomb. Did anyone else think this would actually work?

Elsewhere, Anna agreed to meet Jeremy at a party being thrown that night right near the old cemetary and tomb area.

Also, Caroline and Matt grew closer, as the former came across as a very cool, open, chill girlfriend.

In order to conduct their plan, Elena knew she had to get Damon to trust them. She went over there and explained how sorry she was for sort of screwing him over the week before, but then took off her vervain necklace and swore she just wanted to help. In a nice moment, Damon said he believed her - but don't make him regret it.

We're off to the tomb! Grams, Bonnie and Stefan arrive first, soon followed by Damon and Elena. As they are heading underground, Anna is pretending to like Jeremy (away from the party, in the woods) when Ben comes from behind and knocks him out. They drag him to the tomb.

Underground, Grams and Bonnie work their magic and open the tomb up, but Damon takes Elena with him inside because he's afraid they'll close it on him otherwise. Stefan is getting the gasoline for his vampire fire when he runs into Anna and Ben... and an unconscious Jeremy. Anna heads down to the tomb, leaving Stefan to deal with helping Jeremy.

When she gets there, Grams simply lets her inside. Why, Bonnie asks? Because no vampire is coming out, Grams says. Apparently, there's a "seal" of som kind she has not lifted. It won't let a vampire leave. But this becomes a major problem when Stefan rushes in after he hears Elena scream (Anna had bitten her open and was using her blood to awaken her mother). Bonnie forces Grams to work with her to lift the seal. The pair are successful, but can't hold it for very long.

Anna gets out with her mother; Stefan and Elena convince Damon to leave... even though he's distraught over the fact that he can't find Katherine. Everyone gets out. Later that night...

- Jeremy pretends as though he passed out from drinking when talking to Elena, but then uses Bing to search for "vampires" after she leaves him alone;

- Grams passes away; Bonnie cries hysterically as she stands over the late grandmother at home. The spells simply took too much out of her;

- Damon confronts Anna and her mom and learns that Katherine was never in the tomb; she turned a smitten church guard into a vampire in 1864 and has been free this whole time. Anna last saw her in Chicago in 1983. She's known about Damon this whole time, but has never tried to see him. Ouch!

- We close the episode by going back inside the tomb, where a packet of blood Damon has thrown against the wall in frustration has seeped down and awoken at least one vampire. He stumbles out of the tomb as we fade to black...

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Damon: I mean this sincerely: I hope Elena dies.

All I can remember is hating you. There may been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased that.